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What do we offer?

We offer a very enthusiastic team of fellow IT professionals, who, taken together, form OptimaData. We provide you with room for personal development and we stimulate and coach you step by step, in order for you to become DBA at a senior level. We have an excellent training program, which involves you being linked to a senior DBA who will coach and guide you personally. Next to technical education we also facilitate your development at a communicative level. This entails public speaking techniques, consultancy meetings, evaluations, and reports, so you can act as consultant and trainer.

For us, fun and work are tied together. That is why we regularly organise meet-ups, Gamedays, and day trips. Additionally, we collectively visit (international) conferences and congresses.

The road to OptimaDBA

We would like to collaborate with you to reach our ultimate goal: to become an OptimaDBA, in other words, a multi-platform DBA Consultant. This means that you:

  • Are certified for at least 3 different database platforms;
  • Have (at least) three years of experience as DBA;
  • Have at least 1 year hands-on experience with every platform;
  • Are able to act as consultant for every platform;
  • Have taken care of a training for every platform.

How do you enter the program?

Depending on your knowledge and experience, you enter OptimaData’s program. We will test your knowledge and expertise concerning the database platforms that you already know. When you have experience with 1 or 2 database platforms, you will enter as junior. Of course, you can act as a senior at those specific platforms, but you cannot act as a multi-platform DBA yet.

Together, we will compose your training program and certifications. You will be linked to an OptimaDBA who will coach you, and you will get the chance to gain experience – in-house and at our clients. We will frequently evaluate how you are doing. Next to content-oriented, technical trainings, we will also work on your consultancy skills.

In other words: this is a unique chance to make a steep learning curve, to develop yourself into a multi-platform DBA, to execute challenging assignments at clients, and to take care of trainings – all of this while being part of a professional team that has the same passion and drive.

Are you willing to take on this challenge? Would you like to make a steep learning curve?

Respond to one of our job offers, send in an open letter or signup in the menu on the right. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us!
Why OptimaData?
  • A professional team
  • Steep learning curve
  • Challenging assignments
  • Strong working conditions
  • Diversity
  • Fun

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