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PostgreSQL meetup - An Evening With Bruce

An Evening With Bruce - PostgreSQL Usergroup NL - April 11th 2023

In 2020 the Covid virus was responsible for the cancellation of a special meetup featuring Bruce Momjian, co-founder of PostgreSQL, longtime member of the PostgreSQL core team and VP of EnterpriseDB. Therefore we are extra happy to be able to invite you on April 11th 2023 to a meetup with Bruce!

Furthermore YOU have the opportunity to ask Bruce everything you always wanted to know about PostgreSQL during a 'fireside chat'. In this Q&A session Bruce will answer questions from the members of the Postgres Usergroup.

Details about the PostgreSQL meetup with Bruce


FOSDEM 2023, open source event in Brussel on Feb 4 and 5

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers, DBAs and DevOps Engineers to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.
Every year, thousands of open source software developers from around the world gather at the event in Brussels. FOSDEM 2023 will take place on Feb. 4 and 5.
The event location is ULB Solbosch Campus in Brussels, Belgium. There will also be a DevRoom of PostgreSQL Europe on Feb. 5 with a well-stocked track.

There are now 54 DevRooms assigned. Developer rooms are assigned to self-organized groups (around a theme or open source product) to collaborate on open source projects, discuss topics relevant to a broader subset of the community and technical tips and tricks. The organizers of the individual developer rooms will publish their calls for participation in the near future. Learn more at the FOSDEM 2023 site.

More about FOSDEM 2023

FOSDEM PGday 2023

FOSDEM PGday 2023, PostgreSQL one track conference day before FOSDEM event.

FOSDEM PGDay 2023 is a one day conference that will be held ahead of the main FOSDEM event in Brussels, Belgium, on February 3rd, 2023. This will be a one-day PostgreSQL focused event with a single track of talks. This conference day will be for-charge with a registration of 50€, and will be held at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel. Registration is required to attend and since we have a limited number of seats available for this event, we urge everybody to register as soon as possible once open.

PostgreSQL Europe will also have our regular devroom at the main FOSDEM event during the weekend on Sunday 5th February. This day will, of course, continue to be free of charge and open to all FOSDEM attendees. No registration is required to attend this day.

More about FOSDEM PGday 2023 2021 2021

At this two day, completely digital conference on July 13th and July 14th, you’ll be able to participate in virtual technical sessions and tutorials led by MongoDB engineers, customers who manage complex deployments, and industry thought leaders on topics such as app modernization, security, cloud and cluster topologies, and more.

More about 2021

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetup November 15th

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetup November 15th at Adyen

It’s been a long time but we are happy to invite you to the "PostgreSQL UserGroup NL" meetup of 2022 with a great line-up and a perfect venue: Adyen in Amsterdam! Next to some interesting headliners in this meetup we offer the opportunity to participate in the Lightning Talks. If you have anything to share on the subject of PostgreSQL, please let us know and we are happy to give you the floor. This Meetup will be held at the office of Adyen, Simon Carmiggeltstraat office close to Central Station. We are going to have some food and drinks. Many thanks to Adyen for their hospitality!!

Let’s meet and shake hands on Nov 15th.

More about the PostgreSQL meetup

PASS Data Community Summit november 8-12 2021

PASS Data Community SUMMIT 2021

PASS Data Community Summit 2021 is the year’s largest gathering of Microsoft data platform professionals. Join us for this free online Summit and connect, share, and learn with 1000s of your peers from the global data platform community. You can create your personal schedule! With 200+ sessions, 9 learning pathways, and 6 tracks, you can now schedule your perfect Summit. From basic DBA through Database DevOps to Cloud transition.

The PASS Data Community Summit 2021 will take place from November 8 to 12. November 8 and 9 are the so-called Pre-con sessions, these are not free. Starting November 10, the free online conference will begin!

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PostgreSQL Usergroup NL Meetup december 1st 2021

PostgreSQL USergroup NL Meetup December 1st 2021!

It has been a long time so we are excited to finally be able to invite you all to a new "PostgreSQL User Group NL" meetup on December 1st 2021!

Due to the developments in the Corona restrictions, we have decided to move the Meetup to an ONLINE event.

Starting at 17.00 hrs, Ivo Jansch and Rob Sijmons will take the stage for a live presentation in which they will share their story on a their project: Building the ‘CoronaCheck app’. After their talk there will be plenty of time to meet and have a drink.
However, starting from 13.00 hrs o’clock you are already welcome in the Double Tree Hilton in Amsterdam to watch and experience together the online presentations of Postgres Build 2021.

More about the PostgreSQL meetup

PostgreSQL Meetup october 3rd

PostgreSQL Meetup october 3rd 2019

We are very happy to invite you all to a new "PostgreSQL User Group NL" Meetup.

Next to a great line-up we have an inspiring location: the B-Building next to the IBM headquarters in Amsterdam! B-Building is a creative workspace for innovation, education, and growth and a bridge between startups, creatives, and corporates.

We are very grateful to IBM for their hospitality!!

More details about this PostgreSQL Meetup

Postgres Vision 2021

Postgres Vision 2021

On June 22 and 23 the Postgres Vision Conference will take place. Just like last year it will be a total online event. Last years edition was more then professional and well organized so our expectations are very high. Postgres Vision 2021 is the enterprise Postgres conference. This free event will explore the proliferation of Postgres, including the future of Postgres, real-world user stories, and new tools and technology like containers and cloud.

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Postgres Build 2021 Nov 30 - Dec 1

Postgres Build 2021 for builders, creators, innovators

Postgres for Builders, Creators, Innovators

This free virtual event brings together the world’s leading PostgreSQL experts, users, and community members.

Postgres Build 2021 will host online sessions across two days on tracks including PostgreSQL Use Cases, Cloud & Kubernetes, PostgreSQL Tools and Features, PostgreSQL for the Enterprise, and more.

Join us to hear from experts and learn about the most up-to-date insights on PostgreSQL and engage with the community

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Percona Live Online 2021

Percona Live Online 2021

may 12-13 the Percona Live Online event will take place. Percona Live is a community-focused event for database developers, administrators, and decision-makers to network with peers and technology professionals. Come learn from the best and brightest in the open source database community as they share their knowledge, experience, and use cases with you in small group sessions and tutorials.

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Meetup PostgreSQL september 27th 2018

PostgreSQL Meetup Backup and Replication

Please join us for a meet-up together with the PostgreSQL Usergroup NL on Septmeber 27th 2018 about "Backup and Replication". We have 2 great talks lined up for you. First Marc Angenent - Splendid Data - will kick off and give you an exstensive insight into Backup and restore strategy and PostgreSQL backups. We are very pleased that Boris Mejías - 2ndQuadrant - has agreed to share his experiences with Replication. New this event: Lightning Talks!

More about this PostgreSQL meetup

PostgresSQL Meetup - The Digital One

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL Meetup - The Digital One

After exactly 1 year after the PostgreSQL Meetup of the PostgreSQL User group NL came to grinding halt due to the Corona pandemic, we feel the time has come to slowly start up again. On March 11th 2021 at 17.00 hrs-18.00 hrs we would like to invite you to a Digital Meetup in Zoom.

More about the PostgreSQL Meetup - The Digital One

FOSDEM - Feb 6th-Feb7th - Postgres DevRoom

FOSDEM 2021 - PostgreSQL DevRoom

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.
Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. In 2021, they will gather online.

There is a specific Developer Room for PostgreSQL with several sessions, talks and gatherings based on Postgres. During this weekend on Saturday Februari 6th and Sunday Februari 7th you have the oppertunity to take a deep dive into PostgreSQL while you are in Lockdown, Quarentine or Isolation.

More about FOSDEM - PostgreSQL DevRoom

Save the date for the Postgres Build 2020 Virtual on December 8-9

Postgres Build 2020. The first virtual live online PostgreSQL Conference in Europe.

The time has come to announce the very first ever virtual event covering PostgreSQL in Europe “Postgres Build 2020” is here!

This is a very exciting time for EDB & partners & the PostgreSQL world, where they will bring experts in the field to deliver two days of what’s new in the world of PostgreSQL. There will be a mix of technical and engaging content where you can explore the community and check out real-world use cases.

We hope to see you join us and tune in to the content of your choice as well as wellness sessions to revitalise your mind and soul.

More about Postgres Build

Webinar: The New Galera Manager Oct 21, 1400 CEST

Webinar Galera manager for MySQL on AWS

There is NEW ERA for Galera Cluster monitoring and management and as we just recently released Galera Manager 1.0 into the wild for everyone to deploy their Galera Clusters within an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment to achieve MySQL High Availability, Multi-Master MySQL, active-active clustering out of the box on Amazon and Disaster Recovery, all from the comfort of a web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

To cover the release Codership organizes a webinar & LIVE demo on wednesday october 21st at 1400 CEST.

More about the Galera Manager webinar

Percona LIVE online october 20 - october 21

Percona LIVE online october 20 - october 21

Percona Live is a community-focused event for database developers, administrators, and decision-makers to network with peers and technology professionals. Come learn from the best and brightest of the open source database community as they share their knowledge, experience, and use cases with you in small group sessions and tutorials.

Percona Live is the place to learn about how open source database technology can power your applications, improve your websites, secure your data, and solve critical database issues.

Join Percona LIVE online

Percona TechDays

Percona TechDays, online day-events with PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL sessions!

In the lead up to Percona Live Online (on Oktober 20 and 21), Percona introduces the Tech Days! Percona Tech Days are free, half-day events dedicated to the most popular open source database technologies: MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. Each day, we’ll be focusing on one database technology, with expert presentations and conversations around technical topics, from the latest tips and tricks to everything you need to know to support your databases today. First is August 13th with PostgreSQL Day! second on August 27th with MongoDB Day! and last but not least September 10th MySQL Day! They will live streaming the events for anyone that can attend, and will also make them available shortly after for viewing if you can’t participate live. Be sure to pre-register to receive the links to view the streams and direct links to the virtual viewing room on Slack.

Signup for the TechDays

OptimaData Silver Sponsor PGConfEU 2020 Berlin - Cancelled

OptimaData is silversponsor of the PGConfEU 2020 at Berlin

From 20 to 23 October 2020, the annual PostgreSQL event, PG Conf EU, will take place in Berlin. OptimaData is for the fourth consecutive time sponsor of the largest PostgreSQL conference on the European mainland. “We believe it is important that PostgreSQL keeps improving both as a product but also as a community, therefore we continue to support this event", says Gerard Zuidweg, Managing Partner at OptimaData. Especially in these uncertain times, community support is essential. Large-scale events like PG Conf EU cannot take place without a strong base of contributors and sponsors. By standing up as the first sponsor, we hope that other parties will follow us.

read more about PGConfEU 2020 Berlin

CANCELLED PostgreSQL Usergroup NL An evening with Bruce

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL An Evening With Bruce meetup march 11th

Postgres User Group NL is very proud to invite you to a meetup on March 11th featuring Bruce Momjian. Bruce is a co-founder of PostgreSQL and longtime member of the PostgreSQL core team.

In this meetup he will be talking about 'Making PostgreSQL Central in Your Data Center'.

Furthermore YOU have the opportunity to ask Bruce everything you always wanted to know about PostgreSQL during a 'fireside chat'.

More about this Postgres meetup

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meets Picnic

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetup at Picnic HQ

On Wednesday, February 15, we will organize the first PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetup of 2023. We are welcome at Picnic's headquarters in Amsterdam. Once again, we have arranged a great line-up of speakers and topics. Picnic itself will take care of a talk and we have also managed to capture Matthias van de Meent with a talk about PostgreSQL index improvements. Of course, there will also be oppertunity again for Lightning Talks. Let's meet!

More details about PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meets Picnic

Meetup June 14th 2018

Meetup PostgreSQL about migration approaches and analyzing database performance

Please join us for a meet-up together with the PostgreSQL Usergroup NL on June 14th 2018 about "Migration Approaches and tools and Analyzing Database Performance". We have 2 great talks lined up for you. First Coen Hamers - Splendid Data - will kick off and give you an exstensive insight into migration approaches and tools. Furthermore we are very pleased that Feike Steenbergen - Adyen - has agreed to share his experiences with Analyzing Database Performance.

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The OptimaData top 8 database events in 2019

Database event Top 8 2019 OptimaData

Numerous international and national events, conferences, congresses and symposia will take place in 2019 on open source database platforms. Because of the wide range and often limited time and resources, it can be difficult to determine what you will or will not visit. We are therefore happy to give you a hand with this overview of the 8 most important and interesting database events in 2019. We are of course present at these conferences and we hope to meet you there too!

More about the Top 8 Database Events

PostgreSQL meetup 29th november 2018

PosgreSQL Usergroup NL meetups

Proud to introduce you the last "PostgreSQL User Group NL" meeting of 2018.

Once again, we have found a number of interesting topics to increase your PostgreSQL knowledge while enjoying a drink. Do not miss this!

Because of the success we had the previous time, we will continue our “lightning talks”. A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes. Everybody has the opportunity to take the stage for a few minutes and talk about a particular subject that he/she wants to share or even want some input on from the group. You can reserve your slot for a lightning talk by sending us a mail or write your name down on the day of the Meetup itself.

Details 3rd PostgreSQL meetup 2018

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetup PGConfEU "The Dutch Talks"

PostgreSQL meetup Usergroup NL PGConfEU The Dutch Talks

During the last PG ConfEU in October, which was held in Milan, two Dutch PostgreSQL enthusiasts were present on the schedule to deliver a talk: Sebastian Mannem and Martijn Dashorst. For all of you who were not able to attend the conference in Milan, we asked Sebastian and Martijn to do their talk again and this time for a home audience.

To help you start the New Year well we are inviting you to a new meetup, on January 30th 2020. The theme is PG ConfEU- The Dutch talks.

Details and signup for PGConfEU The Dutch Talks

Meetup April 10th 2018: How To Manage Fast Growing Databases

Meetup how to manage fast growing databases, open source database tooling, automation, clustering, load balancing and more.

Please join us for a meet-up on April 10th 2018. We have 2 great talks lined up for you. First Krzysztof Książek - Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines - will kick off and give you an exstensive insight into the vast array of open source options to load balance your MySQL databases. Furthermore we are very pleased that Zeger Knops - Head of Technology VidaXL - has agreed to share his experiences with Database Automation within the fast growing international platform of VidaXL.

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OptimaData organizes and attend on a regular basis Data(base) events, meet-ups and gatherings for customers, clients, DBA's and other database professionals and experts to share database knowlegde, experiences and best practices.

Are u interested in one of our events or like to attend? On this section we keep you posted about the upcoming events, webinars, (online) conferences about databases. Most known events like PGDayUK, PGConfEU, MongoDB online, Percona LIVE, etc.

Also from our open source perspective we'd like to promote open source database events and / or tooling. We were sponsor of PGConfEU 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022. Do you like to have us "on board"? give us a call or email!

Contact us!

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