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PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetup The Dutch Talks

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetup The Dutch Talks

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetup PGConfEU The Dutch Talks

To help you start the New Year well we are inviting you to a new meetup, which is planned on January 30th 2020. The theme is PG ConfEU- The Dutch talks.

We are very happy that had agree to be our host again. Thank you all at Bol!


During the last PG ConfEU in October, which was held in Milan, two Dutch PostgreSQL enthusiasts were present on the schedule to deliver a talk: Sebastian Mannem and Martijn Dashorst. For all of you who were not able to attend the conference in Milan, we asked Sebastian and Martijn to do their talk again and this time for a home audience.

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetups

The aim of these meetups is to offer visitors the opportunity to increase their PostgreSQL knowledge by organizing meetings. This is done in the form of presentations and discussions about recent PostgreSQL topics. During these meetings important topics will be discussed to inform visitors about the successful use of PostgreSQL. In addition, these meetings offer the opportunity to meet and discuss with other PostgreSQL users and experts present. The presentations are held in English and a snack and a drink is provided.

As usual we offer the opportunity to participate in the Lightning Talks. If you have anything to share on the subject of PostgreSQL, please let us know and we are happy to give you the floor for 3 minutes.


17.30 - 18:15: Arrival, food and drinks

18:15 - 18:20: Welcome by Gerard Zuidweg (OptimaData) en Coen Hamers (Splendid Data) 

18:20 – 18.30: Welcome by

18:30 – 19:15: Sebastian Mannem - EDB 

19.15 – 20:00: Martijn Dashorst - Topicus

20:00 – 20:15: Lightning talks 

20.15 – 21.00: Wrap up and get together with refreshments

Sebastiaan Mannem - EDB

Sebastiaan Mannem -Product Manager EDBHOW MANY CPUs FOR 60000 TPS

Technically driven database, container and cloud specialist. Earned my stripes and was battle hardened by the Dutch Government and Now working for EnterpriseDB as Sr. Consultant. All of that is of course a side show to my real job: loving my wife and three young children

I have done some interesting research on the relationship between the number of CPU's and the TPS that is achievable. This is the results of that research. A lot of Graphs show some very interesting details on The number of concurrent connections, the number of CPU's the impact of SSD (vs tmpfs), fsync=off, etc. and a lot of other comparisons.

Martijn Dashorst - Topicus


Martijn Dashorst is a software engineer for over 20 years and has worked with various databases over the years, including DB2, Oracle, Sqlserver, SABDB and PostgreSQL.As a Java (enterprise) developer he has worked in the education sector for over 12 years and developed student information systems for each of the Dutch levels of eduction. During those years he has worked on the open source Java web framework Apache Wicket, and given numerous presentations on that and other subjects on international conferences and meetups.

This case study describes migrating the most used application for primary schools in the Netherlands from Oracle to PostgreSQL. The application uses a multi-tenant, single schema database (i.e. 6000 schools in a single database) and runs using a typical Java EE frontend.

You will learn about our application architecture, hardware platform, reasons for switching, migration strategies considered and the results of our migration.

Since the CFP closes one week before our actual migration we can't reveal the results in this abstract, but the presentation will capture all the things that went wrong and well.

Signup / Attending

You can signup to attend this meetup in the meetup-group "PostgreSQL Usergroup NL" at You don't have an account on Meetup yet? register for free at and signup for this meetup!

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Need any help to signup or you have any questions? Don't hesistate to give us a call.


This meetup will be held at the main office of in the WTC Papendorp, Utrecht. We are very happy and grateful for the hospitality of to have this Meetup take place in the office of is very easy to reach. The office is located in the WTC papendorp in Utrecht on the Papendorpseweg. By car you drive from the ring of Utrecht in just ten minutes to the office building. Various buses stop just about the door.

Still with the car? The visiting address is WTC Papendorp, Papendorpseweg 96, Utrecht.
PGConfEU "The Dutch Talks"
January 30th 2020 Utrecht

17:30 - 21:00



"Lightning Talks" 

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