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During the training, a participant will get to know more in-depth aspects of database management, such as the finesses of database performance and tuning, integration with other systems, query optimisation, locking problems, and advanced clustering. Additionally, the database will be compared to other database systems, such as Oracle.

Target audience

The program is open to DBAs who have completed the DBA Standard training as well as DBAs who have several years of experience with database environments.

Different platforms

The training is available for PostgreSQL, PostgresPURE, MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MongoDB.


Topics that will be dealt with, are:

  • Architecture in general;
  • Database performance tuning;
  • Setting up complex database configurations;
  • Optimal and maximum availability; 
  • Comparison to other databases and integration.


3 days


€1,650,- (ex. VAT, incl. necessary materials and catering)
Open application
  • PostgreSQL DBA Advanced
  • PostgresPURE DBA Advanced 
  • MySQL DBA Advanced
  • MariaDB DBA Advanced 
  • MongoDB  DBA Advanced 
  • MS SQL Server DBA Advanced 

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