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The Developer Training aims to provide participants with skills and knowledge to enable them to work with databases as software developer.

Target audience

This training requires knowledge of – and experience with – the use of relational databases as software developer.

Different platforms

The training is available for PostgreSQL, PostgresPURE, MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MongoDB.


Topics that will be dealt with, are:

  • Architecture in general;
  • The use and numerous possibilities of the Data Definition Language (DDL);
  • The use and various possibilities of the Data Manipulation Language (DML), such as SQL and PL/pgSQL.


4 days


€2.200,- (ex. VAT, incl. necessary materials and catering)
Open application
  • PostgreSQL Developer
  • PostgresPURE Developer
  • MySQL Developer
  • MariaDB Developer
  • MongoDB Developer
  • MS SQL Server Developer

If this is not what you are looking for, ask about other possibilities!

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