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DBA Standard


For solid management and maintenance of a database and applications to happen, in-depth basic knowledge is necessary. The DBA Standard training focuses on introducing the basics and best practices. A few of the important topics that are being dealt with during the program are configuring entry and safety, optimising performance, implementing backup and restore procedures, combined with other key aspects of an optimal performance of databases and applications.

Target audience

Database Administrators with some experience in relational database management systems.

Different platforms

The training is available for PostgreSQL, PostgresPURE, MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MongoDB.

A selection of the topics

  • An introduction;
  • Architecture in general;
  • Installing and configuring;
  • Securing a database environment;
  • Analysing and optimising the database performance;
  • Monitoring a database environment;
  • Making a back-up and restoring it.


4 days


€2.200,- (ex. VAT, incl. necessary materials and catering)
Open application
  • PostgreSQL DBA Standard
  • PostgresPURE DBA Standard
  • MySQL DBA Standard
  • MariaDB DBA Standard
  • MongoDB DBA Standard
  • MS SQL Server DBA Standard

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