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Your database build for the future!

OptimaData advises their clients when it comes to designing, building, and implementing a future-worthy database architecture. This means that we provide you with databases for websites and applications, which perform safely and scalably on-premise, in cloud, hosted or hybrid environments.

Examples of how we can help you out:

We provide you with databases for websites and applications, which perform safely and scalably on-premise, in cloud, hosted or hybrid environments.

Database design

The data model is crucial to the database design in the drafting phase of creating an application or project. Questions concerning normalisation or denormalization play a role, depending on which database platform is used. Other questions that arise could be: does the database warrant the integrity of the data or does this happen within the application? Is part of the application software allowed to be integrated in the database, or not? These choices are determining for the ultimate results and performance. Additionally, the choice of datatypes is very important for the speed of the database and, with that, the application. OptimaData gladly advises and supports you in making these decisions.

Infrastructure design

A few choices that are determining for the behaviour of a database platform in different situations are:

  • Spinning disks or SSD’s?
  • Asynchronous or synchronous replication?
  • Co-location?
  • Single-point-of-failure or redundancy?
  • High Available before, during, and after a system failure?
  • CPU power or multi-core?

OptimaData has architecture and consultancy experience with a great variety of applications, demands, and database platforms, and will gladly help you in the process of making these choices.

Implementation & Migration

While installing Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, and NoSQL, for example, many future-oriented choices need to be made. Performance, recovery scenarios, and methods for database maintenance and consultancy are inevitably linked to the way a database platform is designed. Migration of, for instance, Oracle to PostgreSQL, Firebird to MySQL or SQL Server to Cassandra have been handled by OptimaData. We like to be involved in this phase, as consultancy partners of your project, to contribute to a sustainable solution.

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