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A peek into the backpack of Gijsjan and Tino

Our DBA Consultants come to many different customers and work in just as many different environments. That means they live out of their backpacks, but at the same time they need to be able to access everything at all times. Flexible working anno 2020. Curious how these men do it? In this blog we take a look inside the backpacks of Tino Dudink and Gijsjan Baars, two of our consultants.

Gijsjan Baars

DBA Consultant en Senior Database Reliability Engineer
Gijsjan Baars - DBA Consultant en Senior Database Reliability Engineer


Gijsjan: “To have access to any server, PuTTY must be number one! Or MobaXTerm, a toolbox for remote computing that’s handy for running setups on multiple servers simultaneously. For on the servers themselves, I always have these handy commands virtually in my pocket: ‘- ps -ef | grep postgres’, which checks to see if PostgreSQL is running and ‘- tail -n 300 -f filename.txt’, which is handy for monitoring current activity in logging.

2 Notepad++

Like colleagues Taco and Craig, Tino and Gijsjan also swear by Notepad++, a handy and advanced text editor with numerous functions and plug-ins, such as SQL syntax highlighting, file comparison and – notes especially Gijsjan – text highlighting. Tino also likes to use Programmer File Editor (PFE32): ‘a golden old text editor à la Notepad++, but just a bit simpler!

3 OneNote

At Optimadata, we use Confluence’s wiki as a documentation tool. Tino: ‘Yet I also often use OneNote for making project notes and reference books. To my taste, OneNote doesn’t work a bit faster and more practical and can be easily shared on different devices.’

4 Phone charger

Gijsjan does not leave home without a phone charger. ‘Sometimes it’s great to be unreachable for a while, but a charger like this comes in very handy when you want to call your colleagues with a pressing question.’

5 UnxUtils

Tino: ‘Most of my colleagues know that I am a command-line follower and am both Windows- and Unix-minded – in that order, too. UnxUtils’ collection of Unix utilities are indispensable to me in processing data and text files.

6 Usb hub

Somewhere in Gijsjan’s backpack you’ll also always find a usb hub: ‘Laptops these days have only a few usb ports while a lot of devices need to be connected via usb.’

7 Slack

In Tino’s virtual backpack we also find Slack. ‘Slack is well known as a chat platform and is ideal for sharing code snippets, urls but also for much-needed ‘notes to self’.’

8 KeePass

Gijsjan: ‘I use KeePass, a free open source password vault, to store my passwords. With all those different accounts and the criteria the passwords have to meet, it’s handy to store them somewhere clear and safe!’

9 GreenShot

Tino: ‘Greenshot is my favorite screen capture tool and image editor.’

10 My own mouse

Finally, Gijsjan always carries his own mouse: ‘Having your own mouse is just always nice to have with you. Including the charging cable, which then has to go into the usb port, which is also always somewhere in my backpack.’


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