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From DBA to multiplatform consultant

Eric Gipon spent many years as a DBA mainly working on one platform at one company at a time. Then he switched to OptimaData, a service and consultancy organization with multiple customers and multiple platforms. In this blog he describes how he liked the first month.

Challenge wanted

We are living through a crazy period right now. Still the coronavirus couldn’t stop me from looking beyond my former job. Not that I didn’t like the job at my previous employer, but I was looking for more of a challenge. Did I want to become a freelancer? Did I want to start my own company? Was I looking for another employer? I still wasn’t sure, when I was contacted via LinkedIn by Pieter, the recruiter of OptimaData!

Good vibes

I had a first conversation with Pieter and Edco, and was then cut through by Martijn, who wanted to know everything about my knowledge. On the way home I already knew that this would be a good place for me. Lots of challenges, different clients, service, automation, multiplatform, what else did I want? Apparently the feeling was mutual. After signing my contract, I celebrated a nice long holiday. On September 1st my adventure at OptimaData started.

Orderly chaos

My first week could be called chaotic. In my entire IT career, I had never installed as many tools as in that one week! But the more I work for the various clients, the more I know how to understand each tool better. Fortunately, the documentation is kept very well here, otherwise I would get lost and no longer know what to do for which customer. I’ve already done a lot of working hours, for a number of different clients and I’ve even finished my first QuickScan. I came in here with knowledge of MS SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, on premise and AWS, and am already taking steps in PostgreSQL!

Freedom and space for your own interpretation

After my first month I can only say that I am very positive. It’s different to work for different clients, and to have to adapt to different wishes all the time. Before, I mainly was the DBA who had to protect his environment. But I also feel a lot of freedom now. There is a lot of room for personal interpretation, and everyone is willing to watch along, or to listen to my story. How much more do you want to feel at home somewhere?!

Have a nice chat about databases…

The lunches here are always well organized, white buns, sandwiches and not to forget currant buns! Plus all sorts of delicious things to put on them. And then, of course, chat with your colleagues about… databases! (What else?!) But there is also plenty of attention for each other, for how everyone is doing and if we have experienced something in the weekend. This was just the beginning. Many months and years will certainly follow at OptimaData. I’m already eager to start working for future customers and to be involved in the growth of this company.

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