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I am a SQL Server Tuning Master!?

On October 1st I’ve attended a pre-conference workshop for the Techorama conference in the Netherlands. The workshop was called “Developer’s Guide to SQL Server Performance” and was presented by Brent Ozar. If you have ever managed SQL server databases and have searched for anything regarding SQL server, you must have come across the name Brent Ozar. If you haven’t, look him up!

SQL Server Tuning Master!

My employer asked me if I wanted to attend this workshop in June of this year and of course I said yes. Who doesn’t want to attend a workshop given by one of the great names in SQL server. Even though the title of the workshop said, “Developers Guide”, I knew that I could really benefit from attending this workshop as DBA.

I was not alone in this thought, because when Brent asked the room who was a developer and who was a DBA, it was about 70% DBA’s vs 30% developers. This meant Brent changed the contents of the workshop to be more tailored to DBA’s than developers.

With nice examples and a great enthusiasm Brent took us on a journey from how to fix faulty estimates, breaking up queries in to parts, how to measure your server performance, using some of his scripts and how he tunes queries/indexes.

With all the knowledge and experience Brent has, he has managed to answer all questions from the audience (and then some). For each subject Brent had examples and slides, even if the subject was not planned for the workshop.

Brent OzarSo, am I a SQL server tuning master now? Nope. At least not like Brent, he is a true master in this difficult area of expertise. But I am getting better at SQL server tuning. With the help of the pointers Brent gave during the workshop, I’ve been able to improve my performance tunings skills and I will keep improving with each query I tune, with each index I add (or remove).

SQL server performance tuning is something each company running SQL server (or any other database) will need some day or the other, unless you have loads of money to spend on hardware, which most companies do not have. We at OptimaData try to make sure our consultants have all the tools they need for jobs like this, if you ever have performance issues, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help.