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Internship in craftsmanship

In the previous blog Gerard Zuidweg explained why we at OptimaData find it very important to offer internships. In this way we can contribute to the level of knowledge of a new generation of professionals. But finding an internship is not easy these days. For that reason Minister for Education Ingrid van Engelshoven and chairman Jacco Vonhof of entrepreneurial organization MKB-Nederland are calling on schools and businesses to deploy creative solutions. As a recognized apprenticeship company for MBO trainees, we are happy to do our part. In August Jeroen Versteeg started as an MBO trainee at OptimaData. What are his experiences?

Two worlds interrelated

I am following a training in application development. That’s not exactly OptimaData’s priority, but databases and applications are interconnected, of course. That’s why I thought it was very important to get to know databases as well, so that I can build even better applications in the future.

I am currently working on a website for kilometer registration. My goal is to automate the website as much as possible, so that the user has to fill in the least amount of data as possible. To make all that work, a database and some programming work are needed.

So in that sense, database work and application development are very interrelated. One is almost impossible apart from the other.

Experiencing the work environment

Jeroen Versteeg - InternshipI chose OptimaData to gain experience, but in particular to get a taste of the work environment. That is also an important goal of an internship.

If you just want to learn, you might as well stay in school. You learn theory from a book, but by doing it, you really learn how it works. You often have six ways to solve something, but try to find the easiest, the best or the most interesting way.

I recently got my driver’s license, that’s comparable to how it works. Once you’ve passed your theory exam, you can’t drive yet. You learn to drive by going on the road and doing it. I really learn a lot of new things here at OptimaData.


Craftsmanship undervalued

OptimaData - accredited training companyAt OptimaData real professionals are at work. It strikes me that, in their conversations with customers, they are able to advise much more broadly about IT than just about databases.

They often talk about craftsmanship here, and I completely agree with that. You often hear that someone who is doing management training is more highly regarded than someone who is learning a trade.

Meanwhile, there is a great shortage of electricians, painters and other professionals. There are plenty of managers, while you only need one of them. It’s great that OptimaData is an accredited training company for MBO trainees, enabling them to train new DBAs who don’t have the experience yet that older DBAs do have.

Clicking a website together

I myself attach great value to a deep understanding of a programming language. Of course WordPress is a great tool to build websites. It is more efficient and faster to click a website together than to really program it yourself.

But at this stage of my training I think I’m learning to program. You have to look for the best solution, not for the right plug-in. As Gerard wrote in his blog, as an IT guy you need to understand what really happens ‘under the hood’ and not just rely on suppliers and tools. Surely that’s what you should want as an aspiring IT professional. In any case, that’s what I want, and I’m happy to be able to do an internship at OptimaData.


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