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The power of working together: EDB and OptimaData

Our partner EDB helps organizations to get the most out of PostgreSQL. Joost Wasser, Public Sector Account Executive at EDB, and his colleague Aret Aprahamian, Partner Account Executive Benelux, DACH and Nordics, talk about working with OptimaData.

Enterprise variant of PostgreSQL

Joost: ‘As EDB we provide support for PostgreSQL and an Enterprise variant of PostgreSQL with Oracle compatibility. We combine both of these with tooling and support to make it easier, faster, safer and more successful for organizations to work with open source. We work with partners and OptimaData is one of those in the Benelux. They support our sales and service activities with customers from both the private and public sector.’

Successful relationship

‘We have found the partnership with OptimaData very pleasant from day one’, Aret adds. ‘As partner manager I make sure that all the ingredients for a good collaboration are present. That makes for a very successful relationship with the team from OptimaData. Sometimes we ask them for help or someone

at OptimaData seeks our assistance with an open source project. That can go through Joost or me, but also one of our sales engineers.’



Joost: ‘About 80 percent of the customers in an enterprise environment can use PostgreSQL for their database needs. That percentage is only growing, also because of the migration to a Cloud strategy. OptimaData’s knowledge and know-

how and the position they have acquired over the years certainly contribute to this. It is valuable for customers that OptimaData acts independently and as a kind of buffer in this. Of course, from EDB we steer towards PostgreSQL. When OptimaData also does that, they do it from a broader perspective. They have an independent role, know a lot about PostgreSQL, but also about many other databases. They advise what is best for the customer.’

Transparency in the government

Aret: ‘Joost focuses on the Dutch government. They want to become more transparent, also when it comes to technology. They do that in three ways. By working with open data, they give citizens more insight into data. How many cars drive on the A12? How many COVID-19 cases are there? They also want to work with open standards, which gives people more insight into government processes. And by using open-source software, they want to start reducing their dependence on closed-source suppliers such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. OptimaData is a good partner for this. For example, they are already involved in projects with the police, where open-source software is playing an increasingly important role.’

Helping the PostgreSQL community develop

‘OptimaData regularly organizes events, meet-ups and meetings for clients, customers, DBAs and other database professionals and experts. Over pizza and coke in the evenings, the team shares experiences, knowledge and best practices. In this way, they contribute to an increasing knowledge about databases. Thus they help the PostgreSQL community to develop, and of course we welcome that’, concludes Aret.

Meeting each other again


Joost: ‘Water is a connecting factor. Edco and Gerard are big water sports fans, just like me. We always have something to talk about. Everyone at OptimaData has their own strengths. Martijn is a real strong holder when it comes to

Joost Wasser

knowledge. I see him as a self-made authority in the field of database knowledge. Edco is a top player when it comes to putting the right people in the right place. Gerard is the connecting link. He is the communicator of the


 group. They do it the Dutch way, by the way: very direct and open. That only benefits the collaboration. Our wish is that we will meet again on a regular basis. We had a fantastic time working together through Zoom and Teams, which worked very well.

 But we’re looking forward to shaking hands again and meeting each other face to face.



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