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TouchBase #8 Een 10x effectiever CV

Welcome to Touchbase, the podcast from OptimaData. In this podcast series, we highlight the world of data and databases and the people behind them. Is the image we have that databases are boring correct and that’s because of the people working on them? What drives them and what really makes them happy. Content stories, the life of a data professional but also technology and acquiring assignments. In each episode we put a data professional in the spotlight. In this episode, a career expert on how to create a 10x more effective resume.

In this eighth podcast, we have Vincent Spruit as our guest.

Edco Wallet

Co-Founder & eigenaar
Edco Wallet - Co-Founder & eigenaar

A 10x more effective CV in 5 steps

This episode is all about building and designing your CV efficiently and purposefully for an assignment or job. How do you do that? What should you pay attention to and what is your goal? One of the most important eye-openers is that your CV is not meant to get the job or assignment but the purpose of your CV is to get to the table. Second important aspect is that you learn to write your CV for the reader and not from your own perspective.

Article about the 5 steps to a 10x more effective CV

Want to learn more after listening to this podcast or take some time to read back through the steps so you can actively use them?

Follow this link to the article on how to write your CV better to the job and have more success getting to the table.

Make your resume 10x more effective with these steps – OptimaData

If you want even more tips and help with acquiring assignments, check out Vincent’s YouTube channel:


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