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Your database does not go on vacation

In our work, we encounter many companies and organizations with a mission-critical database environment that is managed by a single database administrator or where care of the database environment rests with a single application or system administrator. In many cases, that can be an excellent solution.

And as long as there are no exciting changes and everything is functioning normally, there are no worries. And yet … it just so happens that something goes wrong while your employee is on vacation. Can your employee with all the knowledge of your database also go on vacation without a laptop?

Edco Wallet

Co-Founder & eigenaar
Edco Wallet - Co-Founder & eigenaar

Availability of data

It may not be as sexy as other components in the IT stack, but your database is simply crucial to its proper functioning. Many businesses and organizations simply cannot function without data. Just look at online shopping, production environments, payment environments, customer data, patient data. Without a database, you are left empty-handed.

Add to that the growing threat of ransomware and before you know it you are living proof of Murphy’s Law: “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong”. If all data is gone and backups are no longer accessible, there is only one way out: starting all over again. If that is still possible.


In our work, we are amazed at how often this essential component in the IT environment and data management is underestimated. As long as the database professional is around and reachable, you are, in a sense, covered for serious disruptions. But during vacation periods, that can still become a concern.

And worse, if your loyal employee doesn’t return from vacation due to illness or an accident? We go through it every vacation season. So you won’t be the first to have to fall back on outside help or even have reversed engineering done to restore the databases or keep it functioning.


The solution is actually quite simple: vacation care. A database consultancy company such as OptimaData can also be used purely as a vacation provider.

We have been doing this for many years now for a large number of organizations. Companies and organizations ask us to take over the tasks of their own DBA for three weeks. In this way continuity is guaranteed, the DBA can go on vacation without a laptop and you avoid risks in case of serious capacity problems.

Long term

In the long run this gives a number of additional benefits. Your DBA will sleep more comfortably because even outside the vacation periods a database expert from OptimaData is aware of all the ins and outs of your environment and can always step in where necessary.

In this way your DBA also has a sparring partner to fall back on. Together we can also look at documentation, so that if the DBA is ill or drops out of the office for a long time, there is always someone who ensures that your data machine, the beating heart of your business, continues to function and your data remains available. And if things get really exciting, a ransomware attack for example, then your DBA doesn’t have to solve it all on his own, but OptimaData’s database experts stand side by side to help.

Hassle-free vacations

Relaxing in a different environment, enjoying the family or discovering new places, that’s what you want for everyone, isn’t it? Even your most crucial employees. Feel free to contact us.