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Blue Elephant Pack

With the Blue Elephant Pack, we connect seasoned PostgreSQL experts with novice Postgres professionals, focusing on commitment, knowledge sharing, and coaching. Our goal is to strengthen the PostgreSQL community in the Netherlands and promote collaboration.

What is the Blue Elephant Pack?

The goal of The Blue Elephant Pack is to support experienced database administrators in their journey toward managing and utilizing PostgreSQL. We believe that by collaborating, learning from each other’s experiences, and sharing knowledge, we can build a strong and resilient community that thrives on innovation and growth.

The Blue Elephant Pack is part of and complementary to the PostgreSQL Usergroup NL. Participants in The Blue Elephant Pack are also members of the PostgreSQL Usergroup NL.

What does it involve?

Blue Elephant Pack - PostgreSQL masterclass en buddy programma

The Blue Elephant Pack is a unique concept that combines hands-on masterclasses with a buddy program for experienced database administrators who are new to moderately new to using, designing, and managing PostgreSQL. The program includes:

Self-study materials: Participants receive access to selected study materials to learn the basics of PostgreSQL.

Masterclass on PostgreSQL: Participants gather twice a month in physical and online sessions for classroom-style masterclasses led by top Dutch PostgreSQL trainers. They learn from each other and their buddies through practical cases and use cases from their own projects.

Slack Channel: A Slack channel for participants to support each other, ask questions, and share knowledge outside of regular sessions.

Closing Visit to pgConf EU: The program concludes (optional and voluntary) with a visit to the PostgreSQL Conference Europe, where participants have the opportunity to further enhance their knowledge of PostgreSQL and network with other professionals in the field.

Why should you join?

Learn from experts and peers: Gain access to the expertise of top trainers and experienced database administrators, learning from their practical experiences.

Accelerate your learning curve: Participate in the buddy program to speed up your learning curve and quickly become proficient with PostgreSQL.

Build valuable relationships: Being part of The Blue Elephant Pack allows you to build valuable relationships with like-minded professionals who are dedicated to growth and innovation.

Join a thriving community: Join a community of curious and enthusiastic database professionals who support and encourage each other to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Opportunity for exciting projects: Strengthening your PostgreSQL expertise, leveraging OptimaData’s network, and connecting with fellow participants enhances your chances of landing exciting and specific PostgreSQL assignments.

Minimal fee: Due to the structure and design of this unique program, we are able to offer this valuable concept at a minimal fee. There is no profit motive; only actual expenses are covered.

Would you like to join the Blue Elephant Pack too?

Development of the program

Toegevoegde waarde OptimaData

The program is primarily by and for database experts, evolving organically through collective participation. Regular feedback sessions are held where participants can provide input on the program, suggest improvements, and share their experiences. This helps continuously adapt and enhance the program.

In addition to its current form and structure, several elements are under development to expand the program:

Guest Presentations and Workshops: Inviting guest experts to conduct workshops on specific PostgreSQL topics. This may include advanced query optimization, designing scalable databases, and more.

Mentor Matching: In addition to the buddy program, participants will have the option to be matched with a mentor. Mentors are experienced professionals (from previous Blue Elephant Pack cohorts) who provide individual guidance and coaching.

Resource Library: Establishing a central resource library with useful links, documentation, tutorials, and other materials to support participants’ learning.

Peer Review Sessions: Organizing regular peer review sessions where participants can evaluate each other’s work, provide feedback, and learn from one another. This could involve code reviews, database design evaluations, or analysis of query performance.

Leadership Development: Integrating leadership development components into the program, such as workshops on communication skills, team building, and project management. This enables participants to develop not only technical skills but also leadership qualities.

Added value of OptimaData

OptimaData provides various forms of added value within the program:

Expertise and Experience: OptimaData brings its expertise and experience in databases and PostgreSQL specifically. This includes providing expert speakers for presentations, offering advice and guidance during online sessions, and sharing industry best practices.

Network and Connections: OptimaData has valuable connections within the industry, such as potential employers, other consulting firms, and organizations seeking database administrators. This gives participants access to internship opportunities, projects, or even full-time jobs during or after completing the program.

Project Opportunities: OptimaData can offer project opportunities to program participants, allowing them to gain practical experience under the guidance of experienced professionals. This provides valuable opportunities for participants to apply their skills in real project environments.

Certification Support: OptimaData can support participants in obtaining certifications in PostgreSQL or related areas. This may include providing study materials, exam preparation, and covering exam costs for qualified candidates.

Career Guidance: OptimaData offers career guidance to participants, including assistance with resume writing, mock interviews, and career advice. This helps facilitate participants’ transition into the workforce and enhances their chances of success.

By collaborating with OptimaData, the program offers a wide range of resources, opportunities, and support to participants, enhancing their learning experience and future career prospects.

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