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A new dimension of your career

Do you dream of solving complex problems, major disruptions or major projects, such as infrastructure choices? Do you jump out of bed to set up data models, optimize performance and troubleshoot? Then a career at OptimaData could well be for you.

Who are we?

We are a full-service multi-platform data (base) service provider where high-quality knowledge and professionalism are key. We strive for maximum achievable quality standards and set high standards for the level of expertise of the consultants working with, for and with us.

Champions League-level database issues

Partly because of our proposition, reputation and defined niche, the most interesting and challenging database issues come to us. Issues that experts at the customer or client have already looked at and that the data engineer, developer or DBA of the customer, supplier or freelancer involved gets stuck on. This makes our assignment portfolio extremely diverse and challenging. Our consultants act at Champions League level to make the difference in these issues, projects and assignments and to act as trusted advisors. Not only because of their in-depth knowledge but also, and especially, because of their ability to respond quickly.

Multi-platform we take seriously. With our team, we have knowledge of the most common (open source) database platforms such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server. But also of the three largest cloud providers AWS, Azure and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). And of course of all the tooling and techniques to deploy and manage cloud data platforms, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Grafana, Galera, etc. Moreover, our consultants have hands-on experience designing, optimizing, troubleshooting and managing on each of those platforms.

That takes commitment, eagerness to learn and passion.

Wat ga je doen?

Wat ga je doen bij OptimaData?

As much as possible, we try to bring our vision of multi-platform and our belief in its power to the workplace as well. You will work with multiple clients, types of databases, cloud providers and types of concerns during the week.

For example, you’ll do regular management of database environments or data platforms that clients have entrusted to us. You monitor those environments. In addition, issues come along from – existing and new – customers on which you give advice.

You do QuickScans of large new customer environments and perform HealthChecks on existing customers. You get to grips with complex performance problems and solve disruptions. Bottomline: no two days are the same. This means that you have to learn to switch quickly.

For example, during a migration project you might suddenly get a call about an issue or question from another customer, with a different environment and a different database type. Furthermore, you spend time experimenting with (new) tooling, cloud environments, DBaaS solutions, containerization, building repositories of scripts, etc.

You work in the office, at home or at the customer site. You have a lot of contact with technicians of the customers such as, DevOps Engineers, Developers, DBAs, Cloud Engineers and Data Engineers. But also with management while discussing your QuickScan report or strategic advice.

In this way you develop more and more into a Trusted Advisor in the (cloud and open source) database field.

“Ik ben in een stroomversnelling terechtgekomen – snel leren, veel tot mij nemen. Iedere dag iets nieuws. Dit geeft voldoening, energie – en aan de eind van de week voel ik ook dat ik toe ben aan weekend.”

Thomas Spoelstra

Teamlead en Senior DBA Consultant

What do we offer?

Werken bij OptimaData

At OptimaData, you’ll join an enthusiastic team of professionals. We have an open and relaxed atmosphere. There is a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. In practical terms, we naturally provide your transport, your laptop and your telephone, and you will receive good remuneration.

We give you room to develop yourself and we encourage and guide you step by step to become a data platform expert at senior level. We have a sophisticated training program, where you will be paired with a senior colleague who will coach and mentor you.

In addition to technical training, we also facilitate your development in the area of communication. Think of presentation techniques, conducting consultancy interviews, doing evaluations and discussing reports so that you can also act as a consultant.

Fun and work go hand in hand: we regularly organize meetups, gamedays, lunch&learn sessions, team outings and we jointly visit (international) conferences and knowledge events.

“Ik kan wel zeggen dat ik nog nooit in zo’n korte tijd zoveel heb geleerd als bij OptimaData en het mooie is ook nog dat leren juist wordt gestimuleerd!”

Craig Healey

DBA Consultant en Database Reliability Engineer

Acting together

Werkgever voor DBA's

There is a no-nonsense culture, where people work hard and expect something from you, but on the other hand there is also time to spar, exchange ideas, meetups and conferences at home and abroad.

Of course, we also make room from time to time at the office for a nice game of darts, playing pinball, enjoying a delicious catered lunch, laughing, drinking a beer – or soda – and eating a pizza, spontaneously or during the quarterly meeting or company outing.

Our motto is “You’re not a team if you work together, you’re only a team if you care about each other,” and everyone actively contributes to that.

“De saamhorigheid is enorm en dit vertaalt zich in extra plezier, extra motivatie, extra uitdagingen, extra kennis, kortom veel extra’s die ik blijkbaar niet had toen ik bij grotere bedrijven werkte.”

Dimitri Choustov

DBA Consultant en Senior Database Reliability Engineer

The road to the Champions League

De weg naar Database Champions League

We would like to work with you toward the ultimate goal: for you to become a Trusted Advisor or Database Reliability Engineer. We will bring you up to Champions League level. This means that after this intensive process you will

  • Be certified on at least 3 database platforms;
  • Have a total of at least 3 years of experience as a Consultant;
  • Have at least 1 year of hands-on experience on each chosen platform;
  • Be able to act as a Consultant and Trusted Advisor on each chosen platform;
  • Have conducted a training, workshop or breakout session on 1 of the chosen platforms.

How do you fit in?

Depending on your knowledge and experience, you will flow in at OptimaData. We test your knowledge and expertise on the data (base) platforms you have already mastered. If you have knowledge and experience with only one platform, you’ll join as a junior. Of course you can act as a senior on that one database platform but not yet as a senior multi-platform consultant.

Together with you, we will draw up the training and certifications to be followed, you will be paired with a senior colleague who will coach you and you will have the opportunity to gain substantive experience – in-house at OptimaData and at clients. We regularly evaluate together how your trajectory is going. In addition to the substantive, technical training, we will also work on your skills as a consultant.

We also have a lot to offer you as a senior data (base) expert. With us you can indulge in new technologies and challenges. Think for example of complex Galera clustering or orchestration and containerization with Kubernetes and Docker. But also automated deployment scripting of various databases in different cloud environments. Researching, compiling and advising on best practices of the most common DBaaS solutions such as Aurora, Azure SQL, SkySQL, MongoDB Atlas, etc.
In other words, a unique opportunity to go through a steep learning curve, to develop yourself as a multi-platform database expert, perform challenging assignments at and for customers, teach workshops, write blogs and maybe even conduct training sessions, as part of a team of professionals with a shared passion and drive.

Are you interested in working at OptimaData?

Our core values

Pieter Groenendijk

Recruitment Consultant
Pieter Groenendijk - Recruitment Consultant
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