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Database consultancy

Database consultancy

Your database is our concern

Do you want a database that works as well as it can? Our database consultants and database reliabilty engineers are ready to serve you. We improve database environments with performance tuning and solve database problems quickly.

Database ontzorgingWe work with almost all database platforms, such as:

  • PostgreSQL;
  • MySQL;
  • MongoDB;
  • MariaDB;
  • Microsoft SQL server;
  • Azure SQL;
  • Oracle;
  • Sybase.

We have everything you need for a scalable, secure and high-performing database. We start with analysis and then always come up with an appropriate recommendation. This way we solve your database problems quickly and pragmatically.

What is database consultancy?

Database consultancy focuses on providing advice and performing work to achieve an optimal database management system. This includes advice and hands-on support on:

  • Design;
  • Build;
  • Implementation;
  • Migration;
  • Management.

A database consultant deals with everything related to the database. Based on in-depth expertise, this consultant provides advice on a variety of issues. When necessary, our consultants intervene proactively.

Onze database expertise zet u in voor het krijgen van advies over de databaseomgeving, maar ook voor hands-on ondersteuning bij:

  • Ontwerp en langetermijn architectuur;
  • Database configuratie;
  • Performance tuning;
  • Query optimalisatie;
  • Beste practises voor back-up en recovery;
  • Database upgrades;
  • Migraties;
  • Automatisering, zoals (cloud)deployment en beheertaken;
  • Training on the job van de inhouse DBA of het databaseteam.

Why choose database consulting?

Do you opt for database consultancy? Then you will have a database with optimal performance within a short time. In addition, database consultancy saves costs. You spend less money on IT, cloud services and builds. Our experts have all the knowledge in-house, so you do not need to retrain your IT staff.

There are several reasons to choose database consultancy from OptimaData:

  • You (sometimes) need specific database expertise, in-depth knowledge and a reliable sparring partner.
  • You have a limited database environment that only occasionally requires attention.
  • You work with multiple active database variants.
  • You want to solve long-term issues, such as a cloud migration or moving to an open source DBMS.
  • You want to modernize your database architecture.
  • You want to save on cloud and/or licensing costs.

Be future proof with scalable and stable databases that are reliable and secure.

Database consultancy by OptimaData

If you choose database consultancy by OptimaData, you choose:

  • Optimal database performance;
  • Reduction of operational, cloud and licensing costs;
  • Scalable and future-proof database platforms;
  • Best practices from our database expertise center;
  • Approachable and direct access to the best database experts with decades of experience with complex environments and high availability projects.

Look for more information on our referenties or cases.

Our database consultancy services

With database consulting by OptimaData, you get the best database. We advise you based on our expertise and knowledge of all types of databases and platforms.

Database design

We help you choose. A well-considered decision about the specific database platform that will be used is crucial to the creation of your application or migration to a new database platform. Our specialists happily support you in taking this very important step, in order for you to be able to build on a database environment that is scalable, safe, and a smaller part of your IT budget.

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Database tuning

We want the best, the fastest, and the safest. We aid you in optimising your application and database performance. Using a tested procedure, we inspect all elements of the database(s) and immediately perform hands-on adaptations. This way, we help you to have your database perform in the best way possible, with immediate results. This causes your database to perform optimally and will allow it to keep doing so with the implementation of the right monitoring.

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Database trouble shooting

We solve problems. Problems can occur at very inconvenient times. We are available 24/7 to help you out immediately (remote or on-site) – this can concern database or server instability, malfunctions, downtime or data recovery. You can even make a direct call to a Technical Specialist by calling 035-3690304. If you do so, you can ask a DBA Consultant for advice, and in many cases, he will be able to immediately take a look. If not immediately, he will at least be able to help you out that same day!

We help you out with:

  • 24/7 support
  • Database recovery
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Database management

We try to take care of your worries. We offer a solid database management and maintenance program and provide you with the right consultancy or administration resources. These resources are tailored to your specific needs, so you can focus on your business. We keep an eye on the results of your (open-source) DBMS at all times and we will intervene when necessary. However, we would rather prevent problems from occurring by performing frequent HealthChecks on your environment.

  • Managed Services
  • HealthCheck
  • Database Monitoring
Database monitoring

Database trainings

OptimaData offers custom-fit trainings for both junior and senior DBAs and other database professionals. Within these trainings, both theory and practice receive a lot of attention. The trainers are experienced and active as database consultant. After completing the training, participants receive an OptimaData certification. All trainings are open to individual participants or companies. We also provide specific, suitable trainings for companies and institutions.

OptimaData offers trainings for every level of knowledge and experience. These trainings are available for PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Galera and MongoDB.

Expertise in open source