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Database design

OptimaData advises on the design, construction and implementation of future-proof database architecture. In other words, databases for websites and applications of large and small organizations, performing securely and scalably in cloud, hosted or hybrid environments. We can also make an innovative contribution in optimal database management in CI/CD projects and in DevOps environments with Deployment Automation and automated HealthChecks.


Your database build for the future!

In database design in the design phase of an application or project, the data model is crucial. This involves questions of normalization or denormalization, depending on the database platform. But also whether data integrity is guarded within the application or by the database? Can part of the application software be integrated into the database or not? Choices that will determine the final result and, no less important, the performance. Also the choice of data types is very important for the final speed of the database and therefore the application.

OptimaData is happy to advise and support you in making these choices. Whether in the cloud with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or rather on-premise, we have done it before.

Database Infrastructure Design

Spinning disks or SSDs? Asynchronous or synchronous replication? Co-location? Single-point-of-failure or redundancy? High Available before, during and after a system failure? CPU power or multi-core? Choices that will determine the behavior of the database platform in different situations. OptimaData has management and consulting experience with CI/CD and a wide variety of applications, requirements, database platforms and (hybrid) automation cloud solutions.

Want to know more about cloud deployment and (hybrid) database platforms?

We would be happy to help you. Whether it’s with Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Ansible, Terraform or a combination, we’ve done it before. Feel free to contact us with no obligation.

“We zochten een deskundige partner die kan ondersteunen bij het realiseren van een stabiel, toekomst vaste en high performing database setup voor deze omgeving. Wat mij vooral opviel was de daadkrachtige, snelle en inhoudelijke opvolging daarvan.”

Fred Kroon

CEO @ Weave

Implementation & Migration

During the installation of Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres, MariaDB, MySQL and NoSQL, for example, future-proof choices must already be made. Performance, recovery scenarios and methods for database maintenance and consulting are inseparable from how a database platform is set up. Migration from, for example, Oracle to PostgreSQL, Firebird to MySQL or SQL Server to Cassandra have passed the revue at OptimaData. But also migration to Cloud platform and fully automated deployment of infrastructure and database environment including automation of HealthChecks.

OptimaData is happy to be involved as a consulting partner at this stage of the project, contributing to a future-proof solution.

Wat mij vooral opviel was de daadkrachtige en inhoudelijk sterke opvolging op ons vraagstuk naar een stabiel, toekomstvast en high performing PostgreSQL database setup in GCP.

Fred Kroon


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