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Database Management

Database monitoring

Your database always in control!

Disruptions, data loss, performance loss or even downtime are database problems you don’t want. Solving or preventing these problems requires specific knowledge. Knowledge you may not have in-house. This is where OptimaData’s solid database management and maintenance program comes in. So you can focus on your business and be sure that the management of your databases is in good hands.

What is database management?

OptimaData’s database management and maintenance program keeps a close eye on the performance of your (open source or cloudbased) database with modern and automated monitoring. When necessary, we intervene proactively. But even better, we prefer to prevent problems with your database.

For this purpose, we can perform regular HealthChecks on your environment. But database management goes further: we also provide the right database consultancy, support or management resources. Tailored to your needs.

Why outsource your database management?

Managing databases takes time and specific knowledge that must be constantly up-to-date. Your IT department often lacks both, because keeping database knowledge up to date also takes time. Therefore, it is wise to leave the management of your database to experts.

The database experts, DBAs, Database Reliability Engineers and Consultants of OptimaData know all common and less common open source and cloud databases.

Database management at OptimaData

If you choose database management from OptimaData you are assured of:

  • Access to our database expertise center:
    All knowledge from a single point of contact.
  • Direct contact with your technical specialist:
    No thresholds at reception, sales or contact management.
  • One stop shop:
    you not only have access to management and consultancy, but also training and staffing.
  • Multi-platform knowledge and expertise:
    we manage all types of databases. On premises and in the cloud. Whether private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud.
  • Champions League Expertise Level:
    Only the best experts in the Netherlands work on your database.

Database troubleshooting

Do you have a problem with your database? Then you have come to the right place. Our professionals are real problem solvers.

We know that database problems often come at inconvenient times. That is why we are here for you 24/7, to help you as quickly as possible. We help you with problems such as database or server instability, disruptions, downtime and data recovery.

Do you have a database problem? Then call our toll-free database helpline directly at 035-3690304. Our database consultant will look with you and answer your questions. You can call even if you are not yet a customer.

Do you want structural database support? Then choose Managed Consultancy. With this service you are always assured of the best support.

Harry Splinter

Managed Services

With managed database services, you no longer have to worry about managing your databases. Remotely, OptimaData keeps an eye on them 24/7, preventing space bottlenecks, providing preventive maintenance and resolving disruptions quickly and proactively. Together with you, we set the right KPIs so that our database experts know exactly when to intervene. This way OptimaData helps you permanently and well.

Having your database managed by OptimaData always means:

  • Customized
  • Flexible setup
  • Assurance of continuity
  • Optimal database performance
  • Always direct contact with an involved consultant
  • Best practices from our database expertise center

Database HealthCheck

Your business is constantly evolving and that affects your database environment. The database healthcheck includes a number of basic checks that are performed with pre-negotiated frequency.

This ensures that your database can always handle the growth of your organization. It is also possible to deploy automated Healthchecks and database maintenance in combination with (Hybrid) Automated Cloud Database Deployment.

The experts at OptimaData always deliver with pleasure and as agreed.

Database HealthCheck

Database Monitoring

No matter how complex your database environment is, OptimaData has the experience and knowledge to monitor it adequately.

Through our own selected monitoring tooling and tooling from carefully selected partners (such as EDB, GaleraCluster, SeveralNines and MariaDB), we give you insight into the health of your databases.

And then we use our expertise to (automatically) identify preventive issues and advise and execute the correct follow-up.

Managed Consultancy

Sometimes just database management is not enough and you need a sparring partner for long-term choices and dilemmas. You have this at your disposal thanks to Managed Database Consultancy & Management.

You have a qualified DBA at your disposal whenever you need one: in case of unexpected disruptions, for regular database management, but also for project tasks that would otherwise remain unattended.

On demand, 24/7 but also for fixed moments during the week or month. Just what you need!

Database ontzorging

Remote DBA

Our remote DBA is your only DBA or an addition to your own team. You are assured of the right expertise at the moment you need it. We continuously monitor your databases and take action when an event occurs.

Our professionals optimize database performance, advise you and manage routine tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic matters.

Remote DBA

Types of database management

The database experts at OptimaData are among the best in the Netherlands. As such, they have extensive knowledge to manage your database to perfection. Whether you are using PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MongoDB or NoSQL,: our DBAs know their way around!


PostgreSQL database beheer door OptimaDataPostgreSQL is the strongest growing and most mature open source database platform, making it a good alternative to licensed products such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. It provides an alternative to both open source database management systems, such as MySQL and Firebird, and proprietary systems, such as Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. PostgreSQL is not managed or controlled by a single company; as an open source platform, it relies on a global community of developers and companies. Thanks to our partnership with EDB, we also have an Enterprise solution with support.



MySQL database beheer door OptimaData

MySQL is the basis of many Internet applications and standalone software. Over the years, MySQL has become one of the most popular SQL databases, thanks in part to increasing popularity and reliance on open source platforms. MySQL is widely used in conjunction with Linux, Apache and PHP or Perl. This combination of software is called LAMP.



MariaDB Consultancy en beheer door OptimaDataMariaDB is also a relational database management system (RDBMS). This platform originated as an open source offshoot of MySQL and is therefore largely compatible with MySQL. It is written in C, C++ and Perl. MariaDB is made available under the terms of the GPL. MariaDB is currently one of the most popular relational database systems. While maintaining application compatibility with MySQL®, it adds new capabilities to meet the new challenges in Web and enterprise applications.


Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server database beheer door OptimaDataMicrosoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. It supports a dialect of SQL, the most commonly used database language. It is commonly used by organizations for small to medium-sized databases. Microsoft SQL Server is a further development of Sybase and is Microsoft’s product in the enterprise database market. MS SQL Server competes in this market with products from companies such as Oracle, IBM and Sybase.



Sybase database beheer door OptimaDataSybase ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) is a relational database management system that has been fully integrated into SAP since 2010. Sybase ASE is a versatile, enterprise-class RDBMS that is especially good at handling Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) workloads. This is why Sybase is used extensively in finance and E-commerce, as well as in many other industries. Stability and availability are paramount with Sybase ASE products. In addition to ASE, IQ and SQL Anywhere (ASA, Adaptive Server Anywhere) are also products developed and marketed by Sybase.



MongoDB database beheer door OptimaDataMongoDB is a document database with the scalability and flexibility you want with the querying and indexing you need. This open source oriented database is written in C++, with documents stored as BSON (Binary JSON). The database can be easily distributed across different computers to allow for distributed data processing.



The term NoSQL stands for Not Only SQL and is used for a new and increasingly popular type of database systems that differ in several ways from their classic relational counterparts. The number of NoSQL products is growing rapidly, making it often difficult to base a choice on pre-formulated requirements. The differences between similar solutions are sometimes subtle, and all the details deserve careful attention. OptimaData helps you determine which NoSQL variant or Hybrid solution works best for your situation.



Managed databases, or Database as a Service, is a cloud service that provides users with limited access to a database without the need to set up physical hardware, install or configure software. The cloud provider handles these tasks, and through a management console, you can deploy, modify or delete database instances. These managed databases offer similar functionality to a standard relational or non-relational database, and you pay only for what you use. And although DBaaS providers claim that a DBA is not needed, it is wise to have a DBA expert at your disposal as a supervisor, Trusted Advisor or cooperating (remote) DevOps team member.


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