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Database HealthCheck

For almost every business, databases are indispensable. A slow or error-prone database simply costs money; lost work time due to waiting, angry customers if you can’t provide certain data fast enough and so on. Therefore, opt for a regular database check. With a healthy database you work faster and more pleasant; good for you, your colleagues and for your customers and other relations. We would like to tell you exactly what a database HealthCheck entails and what advantages it offers.

Database HealthCheck

Outsource Database HealthCheck to OptimaData

Besides one-time or regular HealthChecks, OptimaData also offers customized solutions in database checks. For example, we can detect SQL queries that consume (too) many server resources and provide appropriate advice. Feel free to contact us for a customized HealthCheck for your database. Or download our leaflet for a short and concise overview of what it can give you.

What is a database HealthCheck?

Database HealthChecks

What exactly is a database HealthCheck? The OptimaData HealthCheck for databases is a comprehensive check and analysis of a database. The goal is to identify potential reasons for performance loss and to identify and get ahead of potential disruptions.

You will receive the result of the database check in the form of a customized report. A senior database expert compiles the report. It contains a detailed and clear analysis of the database environment as well as specific recommendations for improvement. With regular HealthChecks you will also receive a trend analysis, compared to previous HealthChecks.

Why a database HealthCheck?

The configuration properties of digital components – such as a virtual machine, an instance in a relational database management system or a database with its underlying objects – play an important role in the functioning of your system or platform. To form the most complete picture possible, we combine verification of your current configuration with:

  • The vendor or community guidelines
  • The interrelationships between the components
  • Our own best practices

Your organization is constantly moving and your database moves with it. In addition, over time, changes in variables, updates, infrastructure changes or simply the growth of the database can cause delays or errors to creep into the system. With the HealthCheck, we bring back the configuration of the digital components and their interrelationships in a detailed and crystal clear manner.

“Hun inbreng heeft bijgedragen aan het verbeteren van de architectuur en performance van diverse databases.”

Edwin Wassink

Manager ICT - Sandd

Benefits database HealthCheck

Voordelen HealthCheck

Database HealthCheck benefitsThe benefits of a database HealthCheck can easily be compared to the MOT for your car. At the MOT, the inspector identifies visible and invisible defects and possibilities for improvement. Just like a health check does for a database.

The result of the database HealthCheck provides insight into the essential settings of the database and its environment. For example, as part of the HealthCheck we also check how the important maintenance processes are set up. These are essential to guarantee the continuity and availability of the environment. Think of a periodic backup of the database, data integrity check and index maintenance.

Another important point of a database health check is to identify the source of disappointing database performance. Thus, the HealthCheck includes several checks on general server performance. Consider, for example, a SQL query that is set up according to the rules, but whose run time still leaves something to be desired. Optimal SQL query performance can only be achieved on an optimized operating system, with optimized hardware and an optimized database management system. The configuration properties of all these objects affect the final throughput time of an SQL query.

Our database HealthCheck gives you the insight to answer database questions, such as: “is our data backed up, but is recovery possible?” or “has our data been checked for integrity errors?

Wij hebben OptimaData benaderd en waren direct onder de indruk van de snelle, adequate en pragmatische aanpak van onze case. Binnen een dag is de doelstelling en opdracht helder.

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What does a database HealthCheck consist of?

The Database HealthCheck includes:

  • Database Configuration Assessment along the bar of our proven best practices
  • Identification of slow queries
  • Data Schema Analysis
  • Analysis of operating system and hardware settings
  • Performance testing and auditing
  • Index analysis
  • Security checks
  • Backup Process Control

Database HealthCheck outsourcing for which databases?

You can contact us for a database HealthCheck of the following database systems:

  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • MongoDB

We also have an extensive repository of best practices for the most common and usual setups. For example, on-premise, cloud, hybrid and virtual machines in every conceivable combination.

How often is a database HealthCheck required?

Our advice is to perform a database health check on your database environment monthly or at the latest once a quarter. The database environment is constantly changing due to changes and growth of your organization, which requires regular adjustments. As time goes on, in most organizations the amount of data – and the demand for it – continues to grow significantly. As a result, new indexes, for example, are needed regularly. With the HealthCheck for databases, we identify both missing, underperforming and unused indexes.

Looking for Database HealthCheck on your database?

Would you like to outsource a database health check to OptimaData or do you have any questions about it? Please feel free to contact us. Our expert staff will be happy to help you. Send an e-mail to or call 035 – 369 0307. For technical questions, please call us directly at 035 369 0304. We look forward to hearing from you. You can also download our leaflet for a short and concise overview of what it can bring you.

Will regular database HealthChecks improve my database environment?

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