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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server Consultancy and maintenance

OptimaData provides consulting, training and management services for Microsoft SQL Server database platforms. On-premises, in the cloud and also the online SQL Server variant Azure SQL.

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. It supports a dialect of SQL, the most widely used database language. It is commonly used by organizations for small to medium-sized databases.

OriginMicrosoft SQL Server

SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server is a further development of Sybase and is Microsoft’s product in the enterprise database market. MS SQL Server competes in this market with products from companies such as Oracle, IBM and Sybase (SAP ASE).

SQL Server is also the database engine in Azure SQL where Microsoft provides online database solutions through its own public cloud Azure.

Database maintenance and best practices

For an SQL Server to function optimally, both in the cloud and on-premises, a number of Best Practices will need to be applied. On the one hand during the design phase, but also to optimize the system and manage it properly. Think about disk layout, database maintenance and index strategy.

Microsoft Gold Partner Data Platform

Microsoft has appointed OptimaData as a Gold Partner Data Platform. With this partnership, Microsoft emphasizes OptimaData’s high level of knowledge of SQL Server databases. In cooperation with Microsoft, we provide optimal SQL Server implementations and database designs, and support the optimal use and management of the data.

The Microsoft Gold Partner designation is recognition of our in-depth knowledge and expertise and we are proud of that!

Advantages of a client

When you choose an ICT partner with Microsoft Gold or Silver status, you choose a professional and solution-oriented partner that looks beyond purely technical solutions. Thus, a Gold or Silver status also offers you as a client benefits in terms of efficiency and cost control.

With the Gold Partner status Microsoft not only emphasizes the high level of knowledge of the partner, but also gives access to exclusive knowledge and updates. This assures OptimaData customers of the most up-to-date and efficient solutions.

Microsoft SQL Server database management

What provisions are best taken to keep the system available? And not just during unfortunate events, but also during upgrades, software releases and other changes to the database environment? The available options are changing at a rapid pace and OptimaData’s consultants can provide advice appropriate to your situation and requirements regarding database management.

A QuickScan for a good picture of your environment with a set of recommendations for optimal performance of your current and future-proof database environment. Application of best practices and performance tuning to get the most out of your configuration.

Regular HealthChecks to keep a finger on the pulse in relation to contamination, database growth or renewed data modeling. With database management through Managed Consultancy or Managed Services, you are assured of business continuity, database maintenance and 24/7 support in case of disruptions or incidents.

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