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Database tuning

OptimaData is happy to assist with database optimization to help you get the most out of your database. A combination of outdated versions, increasing usage, growth of the application landscape, and upgrades can cause the database to slow down. We provide hands-on assistance to improve database performance with a proven, structured approach. On-premise databases, databases on cloud servers, or cloud databases (PaaS or DBaaS). Maximum database optimization. See the chart next to this text for an illustration of the results from a typical one-day tuning session.


Database QuickScan

During a database QuickScan, the entire database environment (including related applications) is examined. On-premise, in the cloud or cloud databases (PaaS or DBaaS). All aspects of your database environment are addressed in this complete consulting process. In addition to your specific issues.

Database QuickScan

this include sthe following topics:

  • Logisch datamodel
  • Technisch datamodel
  • Hardwareplatform
  • Algemene instellingen
  • Prestaties & tuning
  • Hoge beschikbaarheid
  • Herstel na calamiteiten

How does database QuickScan work?

A QuickScan begins with a comprehensive questionnaire. This serves to prepare our consultant for an interview session with the client. The consultant will then be happy to meet with at least 2 employees on site to discuss all the ins and outs of the database and related applications.

Based on this information and extracted data from the database environment in question, a thorough analysis will take place. Based on this analysis an extensive Consultancy QuickScan Report will be delivered.

This will not only report findings but also a set of short, medium and long-term recommendations on each topic. Finally, during a presentation of the report, we will explain the findings and recommendations, discuss them with the client and suggest the most appropriate follow-up.

Resultaat van een Database QuickScan

OptimaData - Database OptimalisatieMet het database QuickScan rapport heeft de klant een compleet overzicht en inzicht om de database omgeving te optimaliseren, de performance te verbeteren en concrete actiepunten op te pakken. Het is vervolgens de vrije keuze van de klant om zelf de aanbevelingen op te volgen naar eigen planning of om OptimaData de vervolgstappen te laten uitvoeren.

Het is ook mogelijk om na een QuickScan het database beheer te organiseren met OptimaData middels bijvoorbeeld Managed Consultancy of Managed Services.

Kosten van een Database QuickScan

We do a QuickScan for a fixed price. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Performance tuning

Database performance tuning is a profession in its own right. It depends on several factors how this should be handled. Through a combination of proper tooling and our practical experience, performance gains can often be achieved within 1 day. However, one-day tuning is an inexpensive alternative to the QuickScan and is certainly not a replacement.

Database QuickScan

Essentially, we recommend having a Database QuickScan done first, so that we get to know the ins and outs of the database and related applications and/or websites. That way OptimaData can perform database performance tuning with optimal and lasting results.

Database tuning en optimisation

The type of database (Data Warehouse or Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)), the size of the database, the quality of the data model (both logical and technical), the version of the database, the Operating System and the hardware are all things that play a role in performance tuning.

OptimaData heeft snel en effectief gereageerd. Ik durf te stellen dat door hun inbreng de performance van de database omgeving sterk is verbeterd.

Marcel Oudmaijer


Safety en performance

Performance tuning requires a trade-off between security and performance. High performance can lead to data security being compromised.

That is, in the event of a system crash, not all data is on disk and no recovery is possible. There are alternatives to this such as synchronous or asynchronous replication.

Professioneel en deskundig

Best practices

SQL Server best practices, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB configuratie parameter tuning zijn zaken die het verschil kunnen maken voor de beschikbaarheid van de systemen en een optimale performance.

Door onze jarenlange ervaring hebben wij een uitgebreide set aan best practices voor vrijwel elke database in elke omstandigheid of situatie. On-premise, in de cloud, cloud databases (PaaS of DBaaS) of een hybride vorm daarvan.


OptimaData’s database consultants have performed performance tuning for databases of hundreds of GigaBytes. In addition, OptimaData has installed connection pooling for several clients with large OLTP systems, for example. We also have extensive experience with in-depth SQL query tuning and have achieved wonderful results.

Learn more about database performance tuning?

OptimaData can achieve performance improvement in a short time, often within 1 day a significant optimization in the database environment can be observed!


Database consultancy

Want to know more! By performing one or more benchmarks on your database platform, insight can be gained into the optimal configuration. Not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of operating system settings, database configuration and disk layout.

Live demo of ur ideale database environment

Using an exquisite set of tooling and consulting experience, OptimaData can present reliable results after performing a benchmark or simulation that will provide you with the insights to take the right steps.

Hybride Automation Cloud Database Management Platform

OptimaData has its own test and development environment. This is hybrid set up with cloud and onpremise servers where we can build, simulate and configure any possible infrastructure and combinations of database platforms, tooling, cloud providers, clustering, High Availability. Even automated HealthChecks are possible.

Looking into the future

A benchmark or simulation gives you a look at the environment where your database is operating optimally. Or where you see the possible chosen database platform operating where all disruptive factors are excluded. With no impact on your existing environment and production environment. We can show “what would happen if…”

Want to know more about a benchmark or even a POC?

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