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Staffing & Recruitment

Our staffing services

Our core business is database consulting and management. We do this with our team of permanent staff DBA Consultants and Database Reliability Engineers. Supplemented by a core team of Data(base) Engineers who can be deployed on an interim basis. To realize our own recruitment we have set up a strong recruitment machine. Through modern sourcing techniques but above all personal contact and approach we know how to bind very good data professionals to us. We also like to use our recruitment power for our clients and relations.

Because of our position in the database field, we get many questions related to components around the databases. Such as ETL links, SSIS jobs, Cloud deployment, Data Analysis, Data Science, Dashboarding, Reporting, Requirements Analysis, Data Engineering, etc.

This is where we would and can help you.

OptimaData levert personeel met en hoog kennisniveau dat een meerwaarde is voor onze organisatie.

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Nationale Politie

Interim data professionals

We have a core team of flexibly deployable Database Engineers, Data Engineers. In addition, we are in daily contact with our large network of data professionals for whom we mediate interim assignments with various clients.

In this way we can serve our clients and principals (or MSP and brokers) with a selected group of Data(base) Engineers and ZZP’ers connected to us. Flexible hiring through OptimaData Interim has a huge advantage: both the Interim Data(base) Engineer, the ZZP’er and the end client can directly use our database knowledge and expertise center.

So that the Interim Data(base) Engineer and ZZP-er can offer an enormous knowledge lead on location at the client. In fact, with one Interim Data(base) Engineer or ZZP-er you hire OptimaData with all the knowledge at hand, at no extra cost. Depending on your requirements and the duration of the deployment, there is a fixed hourly rate. We guarantee 100% compliancy and therefore risk-free hiring.

“OptimaData is een verademing in de wereld van recruiting. Heldere en snelle communicatie met bovendien inhoudelijk verstand van zaken.”

Peter Kunz

Programma Manager Cloudmigratie



The Recruiter Code describes the behavior and knowledge that belongs to the competent and incorruptible exercise of the role of recruiter. This Recruiter Code contributes to the professionalization of recruitment. This code is a coherent set of practical guidelines and ethical principles, rules and attitudes that the recruiter uses in exercising her profession.

We stand for competent and incorruptible recruitment with our Staffing services. We are formally registered. For more information and possible complaints procedure visit RecruiterCode.

OptimaData Interim

We offer Data professionals a work home where they can grow personally and professionally. We promise our clients Optimally performing data platforms. Let’s excel together!

Start your career as a database professional at OptimaData Interim and work on various client projects for at least 1 year. This offers you valuable hands-on experience with different database systems.

OptimaData Interim

For freelancers

Working as a freelancer for OptimaData means freedom in connectedness. Due to our years of experience and movement within the database spectrum, we are frequently approached for adjacent roles such as Data Analyst, Information Analyst, Data Scientist, BI Specialist, Cloud Engineer, Data Engineer, DevOps etc. We are happy to include you in our core team and stand for personal contact and a situational approach.

We are approachable and eager to help you find challenging projects and support you when you are working on a project. In addition, we have an interesting Partner Program for freelancers.

Gerard Zuidweg

ZZP hiring

Care-free freelance hiring is possible through OptimaData. Our network of freelancers, our core team, provides all data (base) expertise and adjacent roles around the database platform and has been seen and known by us in advance.We have been moving in the data (base) world for years and have therefore built up a deep and wide network.

Also for adjacent expertise like Business Intelligence, Data-Analysis, (Cloud)Infrastructure, DevOps or Software Development we can use our recruitment power to support you with the right expertise in your project: fast, good and transparent.

ZZP-inhuur via OptimaData

Looking for a challenging job or assignment?

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