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Managed Database Consultancy

Sometimes just database management is not enough and you need a sparring partner for long-term choices and dilemmas. You have this at your disposal thanks to Managed Database Consultancy & Management. You have a qualified DBA at your disposal whenever you need one: in case of unexpected disruptions, for regular database management, but also for project tasks that would otherwise remain unattended. On demand, 24/7 but also for fixed moments during the week or month. Just what you need!

Database ontzorging

Assured of the right expertise at the right time

The days of “we run on Oracle or SQL Server” are behind us. Increasingly, organizations have multiple and different database platforms operational within their IT architecture.

The issues surrounding setting up and managing (cloud or hybrid) databases are becoming increasingly complex and range from strategic to operational and from urgent to “we need to give this some thought.

Database expertise

The challenge that many organizations face is, on the one hand, to have the right expertise at the table at the right time to respond adequately to disruptions of the “mission critical” databases within the IT platform and, on the other hand, to realize a future-proof (cloud) platform that grows along with the increasing demand for data and the high requirements in terms of security, availability and performance.

In-house and/or full-time DBA

Where in the past many organizations with a “permanent in-house DBA” could cope just fine, today it is almost impossible to combine all this expertise in one person. An alternative of hiring temporary knowledge and capacity according to the traditional secondment model (full-time x number of weeks hourly rate) can have a huge impact on the budget.

Moreover, in many cases a full-time DBA is not always necessary for day-to-day management operations, but as soon as a disruption occurs you want to be able to intervene quickly to minimize downtime or prevent greater damage.

With “Managed Database Consultancy & Management” OptimaData has developed a service that assures an organization of worry-free day-to-day management, database maintenance and also provides a sparring partner for choices and long-term dilemmas.

Managed Database Consultancy & Beheer videoclip

With Managed Consultancy, we hit a number of critical factors:


  • You have guaranteed access to a qualified DBA at any time you wish.


  • The cost of Managed Consultancy is only a fraction of the cost of hiring under the traditional secondment model or hiring a self-employed person.


  • With Managed Consultancy, OptimaData offers its clients access to knowledge and expertise on all relevant database platforms, both open source and the “old familiar names. Our multi-platform DBA consultants have knowledge and experience of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB to MongoDB. They like to think along with you about strategic and tactical choices that organizations face.


  • With a Managed Consultancy subscription, you are assured of your “own” DBA that you can deploy on demand, at exactly the time you need this expertise.
    Moreover, the service offers all possibilities for the flexible organization of regular DBA activities such as monitoring, management, maintenance and 24×7 standby services.

“Wat ik ook echt een verademing vind, is de no-bullsh*t-houding van de mannen van OptimaData. Ja, wanneer het spannend wordt, dan zijn ze er voor je. That’s basically it.”

Budget Thuis / Budget Energie

Budget Energie

How does Managed Database Consultancy works?

Together with you, we do an inventory of your environment and database platforms. In most cases, a QuickScan is sufficient for this inventory. Based on this inventory, we estimate the number of fixed hours per week for the desired activities such as checks, monitoring, changes, management, maintenance, etc.

Finally, we make agreements with you about the desired SLA and the way incidents are reported. This can be done through a ticketing system for example, but can also be done through a procedure of your choice.

OptimaData biedt ons een waardevolle toevoeging door daar van buitenaf kritisch naar te kijken en deskundige aanbevelingen te doen voor volgende stappen.

Karin Valk

Valk Solutions
Valk Solutions


Managed Consultancy 16 hours with 24/7 standby

You pay a fixed amount each month for the 16 hours a week.
During these hours the agreed activities are carried out for management, maintenance, monitoring and, for example, the processing of submitted changes. Partly at your location and partly remotely.

With the 24/7 standby coverage, in case of a disruption or incident of your database environment, the DBA Consultant on duty will respond to your reported incident, also outside the window of the agreed 16 hours. Only the actual hours worked on this incident are recorded on an after-the-fact basis. It is also possible to purchase these hours by voucher.

Your own DBA on call

In fact, in this example, you are hiring a dedicated DBA for 16 hours a week but are assured of the right support at the right time as in the case of your own permanent DBA who sits ready to immediately resolve your incidents and problems. In addition, this DBA is trained and fully aware of your environment and can provide you with knowledge and expertise on a tactical and strategic level to make the right decisions and choices in the best interest of your organization.

Want to know more about this service? Feel free to contact us, we would love to tell you about it!

Is Managed Database Consultancy also more advantageous in my situation?

Comparison chart secondment vs in-house DBA vs Managed Consultancy

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Effective database management

We live in a world that is increasingly data-driven. Good management of your data platform is therefore becoming increasingly crucial. A good database expert knows exactly how the latest tooling works, is comfortable with both open source and licensed database environments, and finds solving complex database puzzles a joy. But what is the route to effective database management? To provide some guidance, we have written a white paper on the subject.

Download our whitepaper

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