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OptimaData FD Gazelle 2023

Thanks to the efforts of the entire team and the trust of our customers, OptimaData may call itself FD Gazelle for the 4th year in a row!

FD Gazelles 2023

Of course we are proud and happy about this (again). The previous Gazelles (2020, 2021 and 2022) were already beautiful and a crowning achievement. But this one in 2023 surely has a golden edge. Some years take energy in a way, a bit of a wringer, not everything comes naturally. And this one certainly did not come our way. A lot of things happened that influenced it. And just then…it is extra beautiful to receive this Gazelle in recognition of everyone’s efforts within the team.

Grateful to all people, including our freelancers and interim staff, our clients, partners and suppliers for the effort, trust and cooperation.

For us yet another confirmation that our motto: “You are not a team if you work together, you are only a team if you care about each other”, brings a stimulating culture from which growth is ultimately a result.