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Our partners

Our esteemed partners

In order to offer our customers the most complete database services and product portfolio possible, we work closely with a number of partners. Partners with whom we combine our knowledge and expertise about database platforms with their products and/or services in order to serve the customer even better, deploy our recruitment & staffing power or partners for whom we provide training. We believe that cooperation ultimately leads to the best results for the client.

Microsoft Gold Partner Dataplatform

OptimaData is Microsoft partner

With this partnership, Microsoft confirms the high level of expertise of OptimaData in the field of SQL Server databases. In collaboration with Microsoft, the company from Naarden provides optimal SQL Server database designs, implementations and supports the optimal use and management of data.

The Microsoft Gold Partner is the recognition of our successful Multi-platform strategy and we are proud of that!

Customer benefits

With the Gold Partner status, Microsoft not only emphasizes the high level of knowledge of OptimaData, but also gives access to exclusive knowledge and updates. OptimaData is a professional and solution-oriented partner that goes beyond purely technical solutions. In this way, a Gold or Silver status also offers you as a customer benefits in terms of efficiency and cost control. This means that OptimaData customers are assured of the most up-to-date and efficient solutions.

EDB Postgres partnership

EDB Postgres A1

The EDB Postgres Platform is an enterprise-class data management platform based on the open source database PostgreSQL, complemented by tool kits for management, integration, and migration; flexible deployment options, and services and support to enable enterprises to deploy Postgres responsibly at scale.

EnterpriseDB gives the best of PostgreSQL, a powerful, and feature rich open source database. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus solutions include powerful PL/SQL development, language support and tools, heterogeneous database connectivity, migration, and replication from/to PostgreSQL and many other RDBMS’s.

EDB Support for PaaS Environments

EDB Postgres is integrated with two leading PaaS frameworks: Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry PaaS solution and the leading containerization framework allowing customers to chose from Docker Containers using Kubernetes orchestration scripts, or a complete deployment through OpenShift V3 to provide a clustered solution for high availability and read scaling.

Customer benefits

Within its partnership with EnterpriseDB, OptimaData covers a wide range of specialized IT services on PostgreSQL including architecture design and implementation, managed services, consultancy, healthchecks, quickscans, and IT training and coaching.

OptimaData experts are certified specialists for EnterpriseDB’s solutions.

“De kennis en know-how van OptimaData en de positie die zij over de jaren heen hebben verworven, draagt daar zeker aan bij. Wat voor een klant waarde heeft, is dat OptimaData hierin onafhankelijk en als een soort buffer fungeert.”

Aret Aprahamian

Partner Account Executive - EDB

MongoDB certified partnership

OptimaData is MongoDB Partner

MongoDB is one of the most populair NoSQL databases at the moment. MongoDB is an open source document oriented database writen in C++. Data is stored binairy JSON also know as BSON. The first release was in 2009 and recent release was 4.0. Distribution is very clear and simple. MongoDB is a better alternative for Big Data then relational databases like Oracle, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

OptimaData is official partner of MongoDB. Wij deliver and provide advice, support and consultancy on this open source platform. We are also reseller of the enterprise version of this NoSQL database. Several of our DBA Consultants are certified MongoDB professional and next to advice, design, implementation and maintenance we also do trainings and workshops.

MariaDB professional services partner

OptimaData is consultancy partner van MariaDB

MariaDB is a relational database management system (RDBMS). It arose as an open-source fork of MySQL and is mostly compatible with MySQL. It is written in C, C++, and Perl and is made available under the GPL’s conditions.

OptimaData is MariaDB consultancy partner for the Benelux. We provide consultancy services on behalf of MariaDB in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg for your MariaDB database environment. MariaDB will refer to OptimaData for support issues in these countries where onsite or in-depth database consultancy is required.

Codership Certified Support Partner (Galera Cluster)

Galera Cluster

We are excited to have our partnership with Codership, the developers of Galera Cluster! Our aim is to work together and provide true MySQL and MariaDB high availability and a better experience for Galera Cluster users in Netherlands and BeNeLux.

Codership develops replication and clustering solutions for open source databases, adopting novel ideas from latest DBMS and distributed computing research to build a fundamentally new high availability solution from the ground up.

Codership’s Galera Cluster for MySQL and MariaDB is active-active, multi-master cluster based on synchronous replication, it provides high system uptime with no data loss and slave lag and scalability for the applications.

Galera Cluster is fully open-source product. Galera Cluster is available as targeted packages and package repositories for a number of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, CentOS, OpenSUSE and SLES, as well as FreeBSD. Galera work both in Cloud and local network.

Since 2009 Galera Cluster is trusted by thousands of big and small companies in industries like e-commerce, telecom, banking, payments, gaming, media, government, SaaS, PaaS, and companies such as Red Hat, Nokia, China Mobile, Auto Europe, Bulgarian Lottery, Paytrail etc.

Become a partner? Or cooperate with us?

We believe in being stronger together for the customer. Are you active in the field of data (bases), recruitment or training and interested in working with us? Whether it is about services, tooling or database platforms. We are open for business!

“Dat doen ze op z’n Hollands, overigens: heel direct en open. Dat komt de samenwerking alleen maar ten goede.”

Joost Wasser

Public Sector Account Executive - EDB