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Martijn Wallet - Manager Consultancy & Training

Martijn is both senior database consultant and entrepeneur. He did run his own business, DBA on Call, in a hardworking, professional, and disciplined manner, and works for parties like G4S, Budget Energie, SNS Bank, ABN AMRO, Detron, KLM, and Sandd. He has experience with every kind of database, from MySQL to MS Server and from Sybase to PostgreSQL and PostgresPURE. Martijn is a trusted advisor to companies that have to decide on a platform or want to migrate to a new database environment. Besides this, he likes to take care of trainings, he is married and has 4 children.

Thomas Spoelstra - OptimaData DBA and Senior Database Reliability Engineer

Thomas Spoelstra - Senior OptimaData DBA and Database Reliability Engineer

Thomas is a strong senior database specialist. An all-round DBA with a lot of experience in various large and complex customer environments. He is the founder of the database systems of Bibit, Worldpay and Stater. His strength lies in Sybase and SQL Server. Thomas also knows how to help clients with open source platforms such as MySQL / MariaDB and PostgreSQL. Thomas lives in Amersfoort, is married and has 3 children of which 1 is deceased. As a true South African he loves a good "braai" with a special beer!

Tino Dudink - OptimaData DBA and Database Reliability Engineer

Tino Dudink - OptimaDBA and Senior Database Reliability Engineer

Tino is a strong and engaging Senior DBA Consultant. Certified and specialized in MicroSoft SQL Server. With his soothing appearance and communicative skills he knows how to get to the core of any database challenge and create a stable and structured database environment, either independently or together with the client. He knows how to create a future proof design in every detail and also how to manage the most complex HA environments. Tino is married and father of a beautiful family with whom he spends a lot of his spare time together.

Rob Drent - OptimaData DBA and Database Reliability Engineer

Rob Drent, Senior DBA Consultant Sybase, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Oracle.

Rob is an experienced senior DBA Consultant and Reliability Engineer. He knows the drill, and is an expert in several (R)DBMS environments, from Sybase and Oracle to PostgreSQL and MongoDB. He is a true multi-platform DBA Consultant: he is flexible, immune to stress, and very amicable. He knows how to create balance in very complex and sensitive environments and situations and efficiently points out the issues of the (open-source) database. Rob lives in Haarlem, is married, and has 3 children. In his spare time, he works as sound- and light technician and set builder at his wife’s theatre school.

Gijsjan Baars - OptimaData DBA and Database Reliability Engineer

Gijsjan is a DBA Consultant and Database Reliability Engineer who likes to work hard. He has thorough knowledge of several (open-source) database environments, among which PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL Server. His expertise is in designing, migrating, optimising, and managing operationally stable database environments. Besides this, Gijsjan is a skilled trainer who knows how to share his knowledge in a pleasant and clear manner. He lives in Gouda and loves to play soccer.

Dimitri Choustov - OptimaData DBA and Database Reliability Engineer

Dimitri Choustov - OptimaData DBA and Database Reliability Engineer

Dimitri is a strong, passionate DBA. On the Microsoft SQL Server platform he is very experienced and certified. He also knows his way around Oracle and MySQL as a senior DBA. In addition to regular and daily administration, Dimitri has a lot of knowledge of automation and optimisation. Of both repetitive DBA tasks, as well as processes and maintenance. He is a rock star in scripting. Dimitri has achieved good performance results at leading companies in large and complex environments. In addition to his work in and around database platforms, Dimitri loves to travel such as regular city trips and gadgets.

Craig Healey - OptimaData DBA

Craig is an experienced DBA Consultant. He is senior Oracle DBA and has for example experience with large testenviroments and complex hybrid database designs. He also is comfortable in a DevOps role. MS SQL Server is the other platform he is familiair with. He provide knowledge to clients in order to leverage new technology and practices. At the moment he is on a handson traning project for PostgreSQL and MongoDB to become a Multi-platform DBA Consultant. In his spare time he teaches Historical European Martial Arts and he has his privat pilot's license.

Eric Gipon - DBA Consultant and Database Reliability Engineer

Eric Gipon - DBA Consultant and Database Reliability Engineer on MS SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB.

Eric is an experienced MS SQL Server DBA with also strong knowledge of MySQL / MariaDB in combination with cloud solutions. Aurora MySQL, AWS RDS but also hybrid solutions. Eric has worked in leading organizations on complex database environments and has developed a good basis to advise, support and relieve OptimaData customers. Eric is particularly strong in modern and innovative database setups with a high available character and scalable starting point. As a DBA he knows how to seamlessly hit the right tone in a CI/CD and/or DevOps environment. Eric lives together with his partner, has 3 beautiful children and in his spare time he likes to play music. Like playing guitar but also producing music. Eric Gipon - Linkedin Profiel

Peter Koster - OptimaData DBA and Multi-platform DBA

Peter Koster - OptimaData DBA and Multi-platform DBA

Peter Koster is a senior multi-platform DBA. He is Oracle OCP certified and also proficient with SQL Server. He is also interested in the open source platform MySQL. Peter brings with his wealth of experience peace on the floor and in complex DBMS environments. Furthermore Peter is a pleasant colleague such as for technical sparring or setting up another tree. Peter is married and lives in Almere. Besides tinkering in and with databases Peter is very interested in the Dutch language.

Michael de Groot - Associate Principle Consultant

Michael de Groot - Associate Principle Consultant MySQL and MariaDB and Galera Cluster

Michael is a very experienced open source database expert with a deep specialization in MariaDB and MySQL. He has extensive knowledge of High Availability setups and scalable architectures. Michael also provides the OptimaData training on MySQL and MariaDB. He can be flown in for ad hoc disruptions and 1-day tuning but also for regular HealthChecks or training on the Job to support your DBA's with open source challenges.

Pieter Groenendijk - Staffing Consultant

Pieter Groenendijk - Recruitment Specialist and Staffing Consultant

Pieter Groenendijk is an experienced recruitment specialist. A connector. Of people and technology. Over the years Pieter has built up a strong network but also gained broad technical experience. In addition to various roles in employment mediation including at USG People Pieter has also been an entrepreneur, knows the challenges of self-employed people personally and can empathise perfectly. No assignment is too challenging for him to find the right professional and vice versa! Pieter is married, has 2 beautiful children and, as he says, a beautiful bonus daughter. Besides his activities as a recruitment specialist at OptimaData you can find Pieter on the football field where he can train young talents under 11.

Edco Wallet - Manager Staffing & Recruitment

Edco Wallet, IT intermediair for Data(base) professionals like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server.

Edco loves working with people. He is communicative, approachable by a "getting things done" mentaility. He has years of experience as intermediair in the IT business and has worked for USG and Nováccent. At OptimaData, his main role is recruiting people for internal posts, the OptimaData DBA team. Besides this, he likes to use his recruitment skills and expertise for our clients. His ambition is to create the perfect match. Edco lives in Bunschoten with his wife and children and is an enthusiastic drummer.

Gerard Zuidweg - Commercial Manager

Gerard is a ‘connector’ – he likes to connect people, products, and services, to create a win-win scenario. He is an experienced, hands-on, result-oriented manager and entrepeneur with a background in financial services, Fintec, and IT services. Besides commercial issues, he takes care of all business-related affairs. Gerard is married and has 3 daughters. He sings in a cover band B-loose, which performs (internationally) around 20 times per year.

More about us

The people behind OptimaData are its strength – it’s as simple as that. Within OptimaData, they combine their passions for databases, people, and consultancy. Their shared goal is to help organisations in making their database applications better, faster, more approachable, and safer, so the client can focus on the core business.

Team OptimaData 2018 during OptimaData sail event

We try to achieve this by employing our knowledge and expertise at the right moment and connecting the right people to our clients. OptimaData’s ambition? To be the go-to knowledge and expertise center for (open-source) database technology. A knowledge and expertise center that provides all services, people, and products regarding (open-source) database technology. People, knowledge, and tooling: together they offer a solution to every client.

Expertise and Passion

We are experts when it comes to databases, training, and recruitment. Our ambition is to provide the right expertise at the right time, to ensure optimal performance of your database.

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