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Data and database technology are developing at a very quick pace. Data is Big which leads to a continuous demand for knowledge that is up-to-date and experience with data and databases.

Besides this, technology develops at the speed of light. Traditional, relational databases are very useful to existing environments that focus on transaction, and apps wich support business-decisions. The unstoppable migration to the Cloud, new business requirements, dynamic workloads, and a drive for cost efficiency require companies to maintain and improve their current database environment. A solid assessment during the development phase can prevent many problems in terms of availability, scalability, and downtime.

At the same time, many companies are reconsidering their database strategy and adopting new database technologies. Gartner, for instance, expects 70% of the new apps that are developed in-house to be developed in open-source DBMS, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB by 2021. Gartner goes even further in predicting that by 2022, open-source-based DBMS products will account for more than 25% of DBMS revenue, which will increase their attractiveness to mainstream buyers.

The Dutch market will not and cannot escape this worldwide trend. Big parties are already actively investigating possibilities to transfer from existing technology to open source. Many will follow!

More and more companies, SaaS providers and e-commerce platforms moving to a kind of cloud solution. Gartner expects that by 2021, cloud database management system (DBMS) revenue will account for 50% of total DBMS market revenue. And by 2023, 75% of all databases will be on a cloud platform — a development that will drastically change the DBMS vendor landscape.

It is on this market that OptimaData wants to support its clients with knowledge, expertise, and the right people at the right places!

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Database technology changes at a quick pace. Open-source platforms, migration to the Cloud, and Big Data are some of the most important trends. These require a thorough vision on databases and database management.

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