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PGConfEU 2020 Berlin

PGConfEU 2020 Berlin

OptimaData sponsor PostgreSQL Conference PGConfEU 2020 Berlin

PG Conf EU proud to be associated with these fine sponsors like OptimaData

From 20 to 23 October 2020, the annual PostgreSQL event, PG Conf EU, will take place in Berlin. OptimaData is for the fourth consecutive time sponsor of the largest PostgreSQL conference on the European mainland. "We believe it is important that PostgreSQL keeps improving both as a product but also as a community, therefore we continue to support this event", says Gerard Zuidweg, Managing Partner at OptimaData. Especially in these uncertain times, community support is essential. Large-scale events like PG Conf EU cannot take place without a strong base of contributors and sponsors. By standing up as the first sponsor, we hope that other parties will follow us.

PostgreSQL and OptimaData

OptimaData one of the first sponsors of PGConfEU 2020PostgreSQL as open source DBMS is important for OptimaData as an open source database consultancy and managed services provider. Research has shown that more than 60% of the CTOs in the Netherlands are considering saving on (Oracle) license costs. "PostgreSQL can be a good and reliable alternative. There is a growing need for knowledge and know-how about this platform in the Netherlands and Europe. We this in mind, we organise a meet-up 4 times a year in cooperation with the PostgreSQL Usergroup NL". In June 2019 we organized the 10th edition of this meetup and this year we hope to bring the 14th edition live for the Dutch Postgres community, depending ofcourse on the developments around Corona.

"For every open source interested DBA or developer the PG Conf EU is a must", according to Martijn Wallet, Manager Consultancy at OptimaData and PostgreSQL Expert. "The conference gives you the opportunity to share knowledge and exchange experiences with experts from the community and other Postgres colleagues". Gerard Zuidweg: "For OptimaData as company , the conference gives us an opportunity to network, increase our visibility in the community and bring back added value for our customers".

Would you like to know more about the PG Conf EU 2020? Please feel free to contact us and we can tell you all about it!

What is PGConfEU?

The PG Conf EU is the largest Postgres conference in continental Europe. It always takes place in the autumn, just before the new PostgreSQL release, usually with major new features, is launched. During this important conference, with major contributors like Magnus Hagander, Bruce Momjian and Devrim Gunduz, give already a sneak peak of this new release in several "Whats new" sessions. In addition, there are in-depth talks with on a wide range of database management related topics such as High Availabiltiy, performance tuning etc.

More information

If there is more information about the PG ConfEU 2020 in Berlin we will mention it on this page. Also the agenda and the program as soon as this is known. On the right you will find some more relevant links.
More PostgreSQL

Besides the sponsoring of the PGConfEU 2020 conference we are also promoting PostgreSQL and organizing local events in the Netherlands.

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