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MariaDB Consultancy and Support

MariaDB Consultancy and support by OptimaDataOptimaData offers consultancy, training, and management services to MariaDB database platforms. We are MariaDB professional services partner for the Benelux.

History MariaDB

MariaDB is a relational database management system (RDBMS). It arose as an open-source fork of MySQL and is mostly compatible with MySQL. It is written in C, C++, and Perl and is made available under the GPL’s conditions.

Compatibility MySQL

Currently, MariaDB is one of the most popular relational database systems. Whereas application compatibility with MySQL® remains warranted, it adds new possibilities to face the challenges within web- and company applications.

Improvement to MySQL

The newest version can be downloaded for free from (Linux and Windows), directly installed from a Linux repository (e.g. Red Hat, Fedora, Suse, and Debian) or hosted on Cloud Services (e.g. Amazon AWS). MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for every version of MySQL. This means everything will continue working like it did with MySQL. PHP connectors keep connecting to the ‘new, improved MySQL’. Possibilities concerning performance, storage engine, and scalability are much better, compared to MySQL.

NoSQL combination

MariaDB has released an ‘enterprise’ version of its database, which combines the popular NoSQL architecture with the trusted, robust SQL configuration. MariaDB has integrated these two types of databases, meaning their own database is collaborating with the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database. By adding the Cassandra Storage Engine, columns from Cassandra now appear as tables in MariaDB. It is possible to put data in these tables and re-select the data right after. Additionally, it is possible to combine data from Cassandra with data which is stored in MariaDB.

This provides a solution to the (too) long existing gap between the two types of data storage. MariaDB delivers this new functionality with its new versions MariaDB 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Cluster. Both versions are based on MySQL. On top of that, MariaDB is much faster than previous versions, because of, among other things, the possibility of parallel replication.

MariaDB architecture

MariaDB Core, Engineering and Community Contribution by OptimaData.

Partnership MariaDB and Support

OptimaData is MariaDB consultancy partner for the Benelux. We provide consultancy services on behalf of MariaDB in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg for your MariaDB database environment. MariaDB will refer to OptimaData for support issues in these countries where onsite or in-depth database consultancy is required.

Services like QuickScan or HealthCheck but also training and in-depth workshops to accelerate your DBA staff. We help you to enhance your performance through a proven, structured approach. OptimaData Consultancy can realise improved performance in a short amount of time!

We offer a solid database management and maintenance program and provide you with the right consultancy or administration resources. These resources are tailored to your specific needs, so you can focus on your business. We keep an eye on the results of your (open-source) DBMS at all times and we will intervene when necessary. However, we would rather prevent problems from occurring by performing frequent HealthChecks on your environment.

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