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OptimaData Staffing is the Netherland’s expert in staffing and recruitment of data(base) professionals. We can provide our clients and employers with full coverage of all their needs, through our years of experience with and expertise in databases and IT recruitment. We offer an open and broad knowledge center to candidates, freelancers, and employees, in which our involvement goes way beyond mere mediation between different jobs or assignments. To clients and employers, technical content knowledge combined with recruitment means content consultancy, naturally. However, this combination also means disclosure of the labour market and suitable solutions for temporary and/or permanent staffing capacity matters within the data(base) spectrum.

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OptimaData Staffing & Recruitment. Database professionals, DBA, DBMS specialists for permanent and temporary positions.

Our Staffing services

According to our vision, staffing capacity matters require custom-fit solutions. Usually, a challenging situation that concerns your team or project staff cannot be solved by simply sending out a job offer or assignment and hiring a fulltime IT professional. Essentially, those matters concern the continuity of your IT systems and the content knowledge of your IT department or team. Delivering a professional, like contracting or recruiting companies can do, does not necessarily constitute a solution to your challenging situation.

There are many more possibilities that enable you to come to a capacity solution. What is in your situation the best, quickest, and most successful way to go if a DBA or database professional needs to be hired? We would like to help you out in these kinds of scenarios.

More about our Staffing Services
Staffing services OptimaData. Essentially, those matters concern the continuity of your IT systems and the content knowledge of your IT department or team.

Working at OptimaData

Working at OptimaData creates a new dimension for your career. We are a full-service, multi-platform data(base) service provider. These services are embodied by our consultants. We strive to meet the highest possible norms concerning quality and demand the highest level of expertise from the consultants that work with and for us.

We take ‘multi-platform’ quite literally. Every DBA Consultant that works at OptimaData has knowledge, expertise, and experience related to at least 3 different database platforms. For each of those platforms, our consultants have experience with Design, Optimisation, Troubleshooting, and Administration. All of those things require commitment, eagerness to learn, and passion.

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Careers at OptimaData. Multi-platform DBA, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase. Not one but at least 3 DBMS platforms as a Senior!

Hiring freelancers

For employers

Via OptimaData, you can hire freelancers without any problems. Our network of freelancers offers all kinds of data(base) expertise and has been screened by us beforehand. We guarantee 100% risk-free hiring and free you of fiscal after-tax. On top of this, we are 100% compliant.

Besides this, we can use our recruitment strategies for adjacent expertise, such as Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Infrastructure or Software Development, to support your project with the right kind of expertise in a quick, solid, and transparent way.

More about hiring freelancers

Hiring freelancers and self-employed professionals.

For freelancers

Working for OptimaData as a freelancer means independence and cooperation at the same time. We would like to meet and get to know you before we mediate about an assignment. Together, we take a look at your entity as a freelancer and how you would like to cooperate with OptimaData – personal contact and a situational approach. We are approachable and would like to help you in finding challenging projects and support you when you are working on a project. Additionally, we offer an interesting Partner Program for freelancers.

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Freelancers at OptimaData