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OptimaData offers consultancy, training, support and management services for MongoDB database platforms.

This type of NoSQL database is a document database. Document databases are also known as document-oriented databases. They were developed for optimal storage of and access to documents, as opposed to a structure of rows or records. Document databases have no schemas.

This means that documents are stored as BSON (binary JSON), and the structure of the documents is flexible. The database can be easily distributed – the data is being spread out over multiple computers to allow for distributed data processing. MongoDB is no relational database management system, joins cannot be supported, and it does not adhere to the ACID-criteria, because of the limited support for transactions. MongoDB is considered a so-called NoSQL database.

There is special support for the storage of log information (capped collections) and blobs. MongoDB is very suitable for storage and analysis of visitor counts and clicking behaviour on a frequently visited website, as well as for caching data in order to search faster. The latter is the case because the data cache can be spread out over multiple computers.

MongoDB also uses storage engine, just like MySQL. Since its 3.0 version, WiredTiger is included as engine, which delivers data compression up to 20%, as well as significant performance increase. Like other databases, a MongoDB database has different aspects that need to be taken into account when it comes to design, configuration, and maintenance.

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