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PostgreSQL 16 released!

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today announced the release of PostgreSQL 16, the latest version of the world's most advanced open source database. PostgreSQL 16 raises its performance, with notable improvements to query parallelism, bulk data loading, and logical replication. There are many features in this release for developers and administrators alike, including more SQL/JSON syntax, new monitoring stats for your workloads, and greater flexibility in defining access control rules for management of policies across large fleets.

Details about Postgresql 16 release


MariaDB acquires Clustrix

MariaDB announced on 21th september 2018 that it has acquired Clustrix. MariaDB will integrate Clustrix’s technology into its own database, which will allow it to offer its users a more scalable database service in the long run.

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Galera Manager is released for MySQL on AWS!

Galera Manager is released for MySQL on AWS

Today there is NEW ERA for Galera Cluster monitoring and management and as they release Galera Manager 1.0-beta into the wild for everyone to evaluate, test, and deploy their Galera Clusters within an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment to achieve MySQL High Availability, Multi-Master MySQL on the cloud and Disaster Recovery, all from the comfort of a web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

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Webinar Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL 8 on june 4th 1300

Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL 8 Webinar for OptimaData contacts!

Codership has released today the Generally Available Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL. In addition to the release, we are going to run a webinar to introduce this new release to customers / clients / contacts / users / engineers of OptimaData. Join us for Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL 8 Release Webinar happening Thursday June 4 at 1300 hours (Amsterdam Time). In this article you also can read some more details about the release and how to join the webinar.

Webinar Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL 8

OptimaData Silver Sponsor PGConfEU 2020 Berlin

OptimaData is silversponsor of the PGConfEU 2020 at Berlin

From 20 to 23 October 2020, the annual PostgreSQL event, PG Conf EU, will take place in Berlin. OptimaData is for the fourth consecutive time sponsor of the largest PostgreSQL conference on the European mainland. “We believe it is important that PostgreSQL keeps improving both as a product but also as a community, therefore we continue to support this event", says Gerard Zuidweg, Managing Partner at OptimaData. Especially in these uncertain times, community support is essential. Large-scale events like PG Conf EU cannot take place without a strong base of contributors and sponsors. By standing up as the first sponsor, we hope that other parties will follow us.

read more about PGConfEU 2020 Berlin

Announcing the Release Candidate of MySQL 8.0 + Galera 4

C|odership Galera

A time for new beginnings beckons upon us, and Codership is pleased to announce the much anticipated Release Candidate of MySQL 8.0 that comes with Galera 4. It comes with MySQL 8.0.19 and includes the Galera Replication Library 4.5 Release Candidate and wsrep API version 26.
Galera 4 and MySQL 8.0.19 have many new features, but here are some of the highlights.

release-candidate MySQL 8 + Galera 4

OptimaData becomes Microsoft Gold Partner Dataplatform

OptimaData is Microsoft Gold Partner Dataplatform

With this partnership, Microsoft confirms the high level of expertise of OptimaData in the field of SQL Server databases. In collaboration with Microsoft, the company from Naarden provides optimal SQL Server database designs, implementations and supports the optimal use and management of data. Gerard Zuidweg: "The Microsoft Gold Partner is the recognition of our successful Multi-platform strategy and we are proud of that!"

More about Gold Partner Dataplatform

OptimaData Silver sponsor PG Conf EU 2019 Milan

PostgreSQL Conference 2019 OptimaData Silver sponsor!

The annual PG Conf EU event will take place from 15th to 18th October 2019, this time in Milan. OptimaData is sponsoring this, the largest PostgreSQL conference on the European mainland, for the third time in a row. "Because we find it important that PostgreSQL becomes stronger across the board as a platform, but also as a community, we would like to support this event," said Gerard Zuidweg, Managing Partner at OptimaData.

Read more about PGConfEU 2019

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 end of  support

SQL Server 2008 "end of support"

On July 9, 2019, support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end. That means the end of regular security updates. Don't let your infrastructure and applications go unprotected. We're here to help you migrate to current versions on premise or even cloud for greater security, performance and innovation. Maybe even a good moment to think about going open source!

Read more about migrate and upgrade

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 preview

SQL Server 2019: Celebrating 25 years of SQL Server Database Engine and the path forward. For the first time, SQL Server 2019 comes with big data capabilities built-in, with Apache Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) in the box—extending SQL Server beyond a traditional relational database. This blog post covers the database engine features that are available in first public Community Technology Preview (CTP 2.0) of SQL Server 2019.



Ensuring Optimal DB Performance in the Cloud

Patrick O’Keeffe, Quest Software VP of Engineering, recently discussed how DBAs’ jobs are changing and what is needed to ensure optimal database performance in an interview with Big Data Quarterly.



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