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11e editie PostgreSQL Usergroup NL Meetup

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL Meetup October 3rd

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL Meetups

Inspiring location

We are very happy to invite you all to a new "PostgreSQL User Group NL" Meetup.

Next to a great line-up we have an inspiring location: the B-Building next to the IBM headquarters in Amsterdam! B-Building is a creative workspace for innovation, education, and growth and a bridge between startups, creatives, and corporates.

Vincent JH van Ovost and Tonny Bastiaans will start this meetup to share something about: THE OPEN AND POWERFULL INFRASTRUCTURE FOR YOUR POSTGRES (AND OTHER OPEN SOURCE BASED) ENVIRONMENT.

Vincent is Hardware Technical Sales & Lab Services Manager and Tonny Product Manager POWER Systems and Technology at IBM BeNeLux. For various clients they built fully open infrastructure solutions and want to share their experiences with you.

As usual we offer the opportunity to participate in the Lightning Talks. If you have anything to share on the subject of PostgreSQL, please let us know and we are happy to give you the floor for 3 minutes.

We are very grateful to IBM for their hospitality!!

We are looking forward meeting you all on October 3rd.


18:00 - 18:30: Arrival

18:30 - 18.35: Welcome by Gerard Zuidweg - OptimaData and Coen Hamers - Splendid Data

18:35 - 18:50: Vincent JH van Ovost / Tonny Bastiaans - IBM

18:50 - 19:15: Jeroen Soesbergen - Simacan

19:15 - 20:00: Boris Majias - 2ndQuadrant

20:00 - 20:30: Lightning talks

20:30 - 21:00: Wrap up

Jeroen Soesbergen - Simacan

Jeroen Soesbergen, Simacan, speaker PostgreSQL meetup.B-TREE INDEX BLOAT, WHERE IT COMES FROM AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

Jeroen is a Postgres enthousiast and scrum master at Simacan. He has been a software engineer for more than ten years, working with Java, Scala and of course Postgres.

Jeroen will demonstrate how bad B-tree index bloat can really get. When an index is bloated, it means that it is taking up much more disk space than necessary. How much? In some situations over 50 times more. Jeroen will also explain where it comes from, and of course: What we can do about it.

Boris Mejias - 2nd Quadrant

Boris Mejias, 2nd Quadrant, speaker PostgreSQL meetup.


When you update or delete a row in PostgreSQL, you are actually creating a new version of the row. PostgreSQL will make sure that your version of the row will always be visible to you while you are in the same transaction, respecting all the ACID properties that make PostgreSQL so powerful and reliable. This design still needs some maintenance to get rid of rows that are too old. That maintenance is called Vacuum.

After this talk you will be able to understand how MVCC, Vacuum and autovacuum works, and what you need to do to keep your database in good shape. We will also review how to monitor all this with the PostgreSQL Catalog.

Join / Attend

You can signup to attend this meetup in the meetup-group "PostgreSQL Usergroup NL" at You don't have an account on Meetup yet? register for free at and signup for this meetup!

Link to signup:

Need any help to signup or you have any questions? Don't hesistate to give us a call.


B.Amsterdam, the location of the 11th PostgreSQL Meetup.

Thanks to the hospitality of IBM we are welcome at B.Amsterdam

With its 40.000 square meters and three buildings, B. Amsterdam is the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. B. is a creative workspace for innovation, education, and growth. We build a bridge between startups, creatives, and corporates and bring them together, setting up ways to connect with-, learn from- and grow with each other. By becoming part of the B. community, you get access to the right spaces, toolset, knowledge and social environment to improve your business in the best way possible.

Car: S107 of the A10. Turn right to Henk Sneevlietweg, left to J. Huizingalaan, left to B-Building. Park at B-Building.

Metro 50 & stop at Henk Sneevlietweg.

Tram lijn 1/Osdorp De Aker or lijn 2 /Nieuw Sloten

Bus 18 /Slotervaart stop Louwesweg.

Details Meetup October 3rd
B. Amsterdam

18:00 - 21:00

"The open and Powerfull infrastructure for your Postgres (and other open source based) environment"

"B-tree Index bloat"

"MVCC, Vacuum en pg_catalog"

"Lightning Talks" 


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