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PostgreSQL Meetup - The Digital One

Meetup-the Digital One: Unleash the power within pgBackRest

PostgreSQL Usergroup NL Meetup - the Digital One - pgBackRest


After exactly 1 year after the PostgreSQL Meetup of the PostgreSQL User group NL came to grinding halt due to the Corona pandemic, we feel the time has come to slowly start up again.

Thursday March 11th at 17.00 hrs

We are happy that Mr Stefan Fercot ( has accepted our invite to share with you his insights & vast knowledge on Point in Time recovery using pgBackRest.

Unleash the power within pgBackRest

Stefan FercotABSTRACT
Have you already installed pgBackRest but are now wondering if you discovered all of its possibilities? This talk will start from a base installation of the tool, and then deep dive into its richer features for more expert use.After a quick reminder of its basic functionalities, we'll discuss some typical setups, going through various storage types and working with a dedicated remote host.Then, we'll go deeper with some usual operations: refresh a standby server, take backups from this standby and setup asynchronous archiving.You may already be familiar with the diagnostic and troubleshooting features of pgBackRest: `info` or other internal commands, its logs. These are very useful to check the state of your backups but are you sure the existing backups match the retention policy? Are you sure you have all the WAL archives you need to restore it?We'll therefore discover `check_pgbackrest`: a (Nagios-compatible) monitoring tool to help you watch your backups and archives.Finally, we'll learn what's new in the latest pgBackRest releases and why this tool will continue to grow in the future.

Lightning Talks

As usual we offer the opportunity for Lightning Talks. If you have anything to share on the subject of PostgreSQL, please let us know and we are happy to give you the floor (or better yet.. the screen) for 3 minutes.


Off course we hope this event will be the stepping stone to live meetups in the course of 2021, but until then we are happy to meet you all in meet in Zoom!

We are looking forward to digitally see you all on March 11th.


Offcourse the PostgreSQL Usergroup NL Meetup is free, after signup / attend via our PostgreSQL Usergroup NL Meetup-page you will get the link of the Zoom-session.


PostgreSQL Meetup - The Digital One
  • March 11th
  • 17.00 hrs
  • via Zoom
  • pgBackrest by Stefan Fergot
  • Lightning Talks



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