Technical support?


First aid for database issues!

All common and less common database platforms are known to OptimaData’s experts and consultants. Disruptions, data loss, performance loss, or even downtime are all very unpleasant surprises. OptimaData is at your service to help out in a quick, proficient, and goal-oriented manner.

Examples of how we can help you out:
Make a direct call to a Technical Specialist by calling 035-3690304. If you do so, you can ask a DBA Consultant for advice, and in many cases, he will be able to immediately take a look. If not immediately, he will at least be able to help you out that sa

Support around the clock

OptimaData’s database professionals are available 24/7. By using remote desktop tools, we can have a look, analyse your problems, and immediately take action. We live up to our promises!

Database recovery

Is your database environment corrupted after a crash? OptimaData’s consultants have seen it all – corrupted UNDO tablespaces, split-brain scenarios, corrupted tables or indexes – OptimaData knows what to do and aids you in rebuilding your environment so you can return to your business as quickly as possible.

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