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We take care of all services connected to a client’s database platform: from simple (remote) Management, to Performance Tuning, QuickScans, Health Checks, Design, and Migration-processes.

For many of the projects, we are in charge. We are regularly looking for (independent) DBAs to support us, all-round or for one specific platform. This can be fulltime or part-time. These DBA's serve as additional members of our team and will be working with that one specific client.

In some cases, our client asks for expertise in adjacent fields of technology connected to the database platform. This can be expertise that we do not possess ourselves, such as Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure or Software Development.

Next to all this, our regular clients would like us to provide temporary staff for projects that indirectly involves our responsibility for the database platform. For instance, we might hire expertise that has nothing to do with database technology, but is of importance to the project as a whole.

Knowledge & Expertise Center

Every freelancer that works for us can use our knowledge center. This could concern technical, content-oriented matters, such as:

  • Best practices
  • QuickScan models
  • Tuning tricks
  • Help-line for technical advice

Our knowledge center also contains supportive documents and models, such as:

  • Report-templates
  • Platform advice
  • Migration plans
  • Documentation-templates

Despite your independent entity and status, you are part of a professional team, for which sharing knowledge and cooperation are key. This is not mandatory – it is always up to you whether you take part in this or not. This way, you are fully independent, but connected to the rest of the team at the same time: independence and cooperation combined.

Partner Program

We offer an interesting partner program to all of our independent consultants.

For instance, everyone is welcome to visit our DBA-Café, attend our Meet-ups, Gamedays and other events, to share knowledge, enlarge your network, or just because we like to hang out with each other. This includes the independent consultants that are connected to us but are not currently working on an assignment.

Would you like more cooperation and commitment? Join OptimaData as Partner.

When you are Partner, you will get:

  • Premium access to new (exclusive) assignments
  • Discount on our trainings and workshops
  • Partner fee when selling trainings (leads)
  • Partner fee when selling product portfolio (leads)
  • Referral fee when acquiring assignments
  • Referral fee when recruiting candidates/fellow entrepreneurs
  • Free use of our knowledge and expertise center

You will receive all of this for free. We deliver a portfolio, on top of your own knowledge and expertise, so you are able to serve our clients. To us, you are an ambassador, which allows our services, products, and trainings to be supported within a larger network.

Are you interested in joining our Partner Network? Let us know by calling or emailing us, or by using the contact form.

Why OptimaData?
  • Personal contact
  • Challenging assignments
  • Transparency
  • Knowledge & expertise center
  • Partner Program
  • Independence & Cooperation

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