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Database Conference Top 8 OptimaData

The OptimaData top 8 database events in 2019

Numerous international and national events, conferences, congresses and symposia will take place in 2019 on open source database platforms. Because of the wide range and often limited time and resources, it can be difficult to determine what you will or will not visit. We are therefore happy to give you a hand with this overview of the 8 most important and interesting database events in 2019. We are of course present at these conferences and we hope to meet you there too!

Techorama 2019 Antwerp, top 8 database events OptimaData

Techorama Antwerp 20th May - 22th May

The Techorama Congress is in Antwerp from 20th May to 22th May. A broad technically oriented conference with great speakers and appealing topics. Issues such as open source Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Azure, SQL Server Tuning, Terraform and data access with NoSQL are reviewed. But also topics such as how to train employees and which soft skills are important for DBAs, DevOps and open source professionals today. Speakers are: Brent Ozar, Andre Kuipers, Grant Fitchey and Pinal Dave.

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Postgres Vision 2019 Boston, Top 8 database events OptimaData

24th - 26th June Postgres Vision Boston

Postgres Vision 2019 will take place in Boston from 24th to 26th June. A global event where business and technology meet. Topics are: The future of PostgreSQL, what we can expect in terms of developments, where the needs of the business lie and where technology can take the next hurdles. In addition, there are very inspiring enterprise business cases and high level architecture challenges with solutions.

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PostgesLondon 2019, top 8 Database Events OptimaData

1 - 3 july PostgresLondon (was PGDay UK)

PostgresLondon is full of PostgreSQL tips, use cases, ideas and inspiration for 2 days. A must for all Postgres technicians, DBAs, developers and other open source database interested parties. It is nice and close, short and very powerful. In technical terms, it is also the best PostgreSQL conference in the area. On 31st May, one day before the conference, there is extensive training where you can improve your Postgres knowledge and skills through "the best PostgreSQL contributors".

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HashiConf 2019 Amsterdam, Top 8 Database events OptimaData

8 - 10 july Hashiconf Amsterdam

If you are involved in Cloud Infrastructure Automation then this conference is the place to be! It promises to be three very inspiring days full of hands-on product training, keynotes, talks and 1 on 1 depth with HasiCorp developers and engineers. Terraform, Sentinel, Vagrant, Nomad and Vault will be discussed in detail. The first day on July 8th is an optional training day. If you want to know more about automated database deployment or if you regularly work in environments that are set up as Infrastructure as a Code, then you should definitely go there.

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MongoDB.local London 2019, Top 8 Database events OptimaData

25 September MongDB.local London

MongoDB knows better than anyone how to set up a technical conference in an attractive and spectacular way. For that reason it is already recommended. Moreover, it is a very educational experience for NoSQL users with strong workshops, keynotes and sessions. Outside of the sessions there will undoubtedly be a ping-pong tournament for the necessary exercise and there will of course be a lot of time for a relaxed connection with other MongoDB and NoSQL techies.

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Percona Live 2019, top 8 Database events OptimaData

?? November Percona Live

The exact date is still unknown, but in November the annual Percona Live will descend again on London. This event covers the full width of the open source database landscape; from MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL to MongoDB. And what will pass there? Many applications, open source tooling (Grafana, Prometheus) Galera, clustering, cloud deployment automation and much more! Beautiful sessions with clear and handy tips that you can use immediately.

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SQL Saturday 2019 Utrecht, Top 8 Database events OptimaData

5th october SQL Saturday Utrecht

The SQL Saturday is of course a must for every SQL Server DBA and specialist. A nice day around all the news, tips, tricks, tuning and automation in relation to Microsoft SQL Server. It doesn't get any closer! You will come across all well-known DBAs and SQL Server specialists in the Netherlands, so grab your chance to network and exchange experiences.

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PG Conf.EU 2019 Milan, Top 8 Database events OptimaData

15 - 18 October PGConfEU 2019 Milan

The PG Conf EU is the largest Postgres conference on the European mainland. It always takes place in the fall, just before the annual major PostgreSQL release. During this important conference, with respected contributors such as Magnus Hagander, Bruce Momjian and Devrim Gunduz, you will get a sneak peak of the new release in various "Whats new" sessions. In addition, there are in-depth talks with important changes and application options. OptimaData is sponsoring this open source database event for the third time in a row and will be present with a large group of DBAs. An absolute must for any PostgreSQL DBA or Developer.

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See us at one of these selected (open source) Database events in 2019. If you want more information about one of these conferences, want to join us or you have an event yourself you want to promote or organize? Contact us!


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