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OptimaData offers both the expertise and flexibility we need

Bas Roos 18-05-2020 3:12 PM
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Voiceworks devises and develops innovative communication and collaboration solutions for the business market. A healthy database environment is crucial in this respect. Because database management just is not their core business, Voiceworks has decided to outsource this to OptimaData. Bas Roos, Infrastructure Engineer at Voiceworks, explains why.

Services for SMEs

Voiceworks is the Dutch branch of the European group Enreach. All organizations within the group contribute to intelligent, integrated ICT and communication solutions for the business market. In its fifteen years of existence, Voiceworks has grown from attic to industry leader. We are now one of the largest players in the Dutch telecom and ICT market. We support our partners with our team of more than 350 employees, so that they in turn can provide the best services to SMEs.

Large supply

VoiceWorks: without databases we cannot provide our servicesWe supply a large number of solutions. For example, we were one of the first organizations to introduce Managed VoIP, a telephone exchange in the cloud. But of course we also offer mobile subscriptions, internet connections and eSIM. To manage our entire offering, we also developed an all-in-one management platform, Operator, which allows resellers and wholesalers to manage their entire administration, from invoicing to customer management and from service management to a customer service tool. It goes without saying that we are also responding to the need to communicate more and more remotely. Our online meeting platform Coligo MEETINGS Pro allows SMEs to safely start video and chat conversations.

No services without databases

In order to be able to deliver all this, we have a lot of servers running, and with that a lot of databases. Just take Operator, our portal. With all the end users of our nationwide partner channel, you're talking about a huge volume of calls being handled every day. Each call produces a Call Detail Record, in which details about the call are recorded: when did it take place, from which number to which number and so on. But also information about data traffic, for example, is recorded. All this data must be stored in databases. And those databases have to keep running, for without databases we cannot provide our services.

Fulltime service and broad knowledge

Until recently, we have always built and supported our databases ourselves. We employ people who can do that well, but it became more and more a full-time job and is no longer something you do as a side job. You can then choose to set up your own team that is concerned with this full-time. But if you want to make sure that your database continues to run 24/7 and that issues are resolved at night and in the weekend, you're quickly talking about a team of four. Moreover, we are now using MySQL database management system, but we are not familiar with that technique and want to be open to the best solution. Which, in turn, we do not have the knowledge for.

Solution without a large investment

That's why we started looking for a partner who could help us, without having to directly invest heavily in our own team of four or more employees. We invited a number of potential suppliers, including OptimaData. At OptimaData we immediately had the best feeling. They not only have in-depth knowledge of MySQL, but also of other techniques. If we would want to switch to something else, they have the right people. We started with a relatively limited cooperation: one day a week support and 24/7 support in case of emergencies. This has now been extended to two days a week and we are considering outsourcing the complete management of our databases to them.

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