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Look after the customer with the much-needed extra vitamin A(ttention)

Because of the coronavirus, we’re all working remotely all of a sudden. In order to be able to work remotely there are sufficient tools available. But to work well and enjoyably from a distance and to really make contact with colleagues, employees and customers, some extra attention is needed.

We are very happy with co-creative entrepreneurship. Pieter Groenendijk, our staffing and recruitment specialist, explains in this blog what we mean by this and why we care about the extra bit of vitamin A (attention).

Pieter Groenendijk

Recruitment Consultant
Pieter Groenendijk - Recruitment Consultant

Not about the client, but with the client

Every entrepreneur knows this: you can never forget your customer. That’s why we collect as much information as possible about our customers in CRM systems. Or do I detect a flaw there? CRM systems are about customers.

Of course it’s important to think and talk about your customer, but it’s much more crucial to talk to the customer. How is it actually going with your customer?

What you give, you get back

Customers are just like people. They sense when there’s no real interest in them. The result? They return just as little interest. Give your customers a little vitamin A(ttention).

Not only is it important for the immune system to function properly, but it also ensures that your conversation partner really feels seen and heard. And that is precisely what is indispensable in these times of reorganisations, tumbling changes and an extraordinary global crisis. Only if you really see and sense each other can you convey energy and the right emotion. This is often the key to a good solution.

The golden rule

Extern always takes precedence over internal, that must be the golden rule in every organisation. That is why we do everything which is in our power to help our clients in a co-creative way. Working remotely is almost commonplace these days.

But in order to be able to do that properly and pleasantly, the right communication tools are needed. Think of e-mail, of course, but also of Microsoft Office 365 tools such as Lync, Skype and Teams. In addition, applications such as WhatsApp, Slack and Google Hangouts (legacy) can be useful for intercommunication.

Anytime and anywhere

In our field of DBA Consultancy and Database management, a VPN connection is most essential in order to be able to log into the client’s network. And thus to log in remotely to their servers. Sometimes they have a cloud provider like Azure, Google or Amazon to which you can login without a VPN, provided you have login details.

Of course, a tool like teamviewer is another alternative when you want to take a quick look at your customer or when a company is not yet a customer but needs help quickly.

Furthermore, it is important for us to use many SaaS solutions, such as Office365, Atlassian (Confluence and Jira), Exact Online, so that we can do our work anytime and anywhere.

In this way we are fully equipped to provide database support directly, remotely, but with the necessary vitamin A(ttention). So that we hear, see and know how things are really going, with the customer.

Co-creative entrepreneurship

Because of our profession we have a lot of experience in working remotely. Despite the fact whether companies and people are ready for this, we are now all working remotely forced and accelerated. We would like to continue working and doing business and will need each other to find new ways to do so.

We like to give – and get – that little bit of extra vitamin A, for we are very happy with co-creative entrepreneurship. Developing new ways of working efficiently together with our clients, how inspiring is that? Everything that you give attention grows. That applies to our customers, but also to ourselves.

Also grow together?

Do you also want to grow together and do co-creative business? We are happy to set up an online sparring session so that we can give this a tangible form. Feel free to contact us.