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Managed Database Services

Are you looking for a way to optimize your database management, without worries and without putting an extra burden on your IT staff? And do you want to benefit from the latest technologies and optimal availability and security of your databases? Then our managed database services offer a perfect solution.


What is Managed database services?

Managed database services take the management of your databases almost out of your hands. You leave the management and maintenance of databases safely in the hands of experienced experts. The services include optimization, backups, security and maintenance of the databases.

The big advantage? More focus for you on your core activities, without having to worry about managing your databases. The services offer many more advantages; we will explain them to you below. Prefer direct contact? Feel free to contact us via the contact form or call us on 035 – 369 0307. Would you like a short and concise overview of what it can offer you? Then download our leaflet.

Immediate support for database disruptions? Call 035-3690304

That’s why you choose Managed database services

OptimaData handles your database management as a total package. This includes:
Managed database diensten

  • Daily disaster and disruption support
  • Regular database health checks
  • Regular progress meetings with our dedicated Managed Services Team
  • Optimal database security
  • We think along with you, also with long-term issues, such as architecture planning
  • Optimization of database performance
  • Reduction of operational, cloud and licensing costs
  • Optimized database installations and configurations
  • Application of best practices in backup and recovery
  • Daily – optionally even 24/7 – direct access to senior database experts who know your systems inside out

Optimal flexibility with managed database services

Managed database services offers even more, such as optimal flexibility. Easily adapt your database environments to changing requirements. We offer support for a wide range of database engines, so managed database services are almost always customized. We tailor the services to the specific needs of your company and your database.

The database world is changing rapidly. With managed database services you can count on specialists who keep up with all the technological developments. You will also regularly receive advice and suggestions from us for further optimization of your database environment.

Omdat databasebeheer nu eenmaal niet hun corebusiness is, heeft Voiceworks besloten dit uit te besteden aan OptimaData. OptimaData kan de flexibiliteit bieden die wij nodig hebben.

Bas Roos


Security and reliability crucial for databases

OptimaData is ISO27001 gecertificeerdYour databases secure and available at all times? We achieve the highest level of security and availability of your databases with managed services. Our ISO 27001 certification endorses this. With database services, we not only help you achieve your business goals, but also increase security and reliability.

Managed database services successful reference project

That all sounds wonderful, but what is the practice like? Meet Voiceworks: this company invents and develops innovative communication and collaboration solutions for the business market. This requires optimal control of the database environment. Voiceworks therefore chose OptimaData’s managed database services.

“OptimaData biedt zowel de expertise als de flexibiliteit die wij nodig hebben.”

Bas Roos

Infrastructure Engineer

Managed services 24/7 for your database

Some systems require 24/7 professional attention. You can come to us for that too. Choose our managed services 24/7 support. This means that we monitor your systems literally day and night. Our advanced monitoring alerts you to possible disruptions. We coordinate these alerts with you in a Service Level Agreement. Our database experts work in a standby roster; there is always a database expert on call and available to take immediate action. Good for continuity and reducing production breakdowns and downtime.

The five benefits of database management at OptimaData

Expertise in Databases

When you choose managed database services from OptimaData, you choose:

  • All database knowledge and skills from a single point of contact
  • Direct contact with your technical specialist
  • Not only management and consultancy, but also training and staffing
  • Multi-platform knowledge and expertise: we manage all types of databases. On premises and in the cloud; private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud
  • High level of expertise: only the best experts in the Netherlands work on your database

Managed database services voor jouw databases?

Please contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you with our managed database services, to also manage your databases securely and effectively. Send an e-mail to or call 035 – 369 0307. You can also download our whitepaper. For technical questions, please call us directly at 035 369 0304. We look forward to hearing from you.

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