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 Ensure continuity. Make your database work for you even when your employee is on vacation

We frequently see within organizations that only a single database administrator is responsible for managing the oh-so-critical database environment. And that is still a luxury situation. Often the care for the database environment rests on the shoulders of an application or system administrator. That can be a good solution. As long as everything goes as it should and no exciting things happen. But what do you do if something goes wrong while your employee is on vacation? Hope he – or she – has the laptop with him? Or is there another way?

Edco Wallet

Co-Founder & eigenaar
Edco Wallet - Co-Founder & eigenaar

Protect the continuity of your database

Data availability may not be the most exciting part of the IT stack, but it is absolutely critical to the proper functioning of businesses and organizations. Online shopping, factory processes, payment processes, customer service, even entire hospitals depend on data. Without a functioning database, you are nowhere. Add to that the growing threat of ransomware, and before you know it, you’re living proof of Murphy’s Law: “If something can go wrong, it will. If all your data is lost and backups are no longer accessible, there is only one way out: start over….

No more room for the laptop

It amazes us how often this essential part of the IT environment and data management is underestimated. As long as the database professional is nearby and remains accessible, you are covered to some extent against serious disruptions. But what do you do if something goes wrong while your database professional is lying in a hammock somewhere?

If you have a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other, there’s no room for a laptop. And what if your trusted employee doesn’t return at all, voluntarily or otherwise? We see it happen all the time during vacation periods. You won’t be the first to have to bring in outside help or even reverse-engineering to get the environment operational again.

Ensure continuity

The solution is actually quite simple: grant your database a nice vacation care by a database consulting company.

At OptimaData, we’ve been doing this for a whole slew of organizations for years. Companies ask us to take over the tasks of their own database administrator for, say, three weeks. This ensures continuity and allows the database administrator to go on vacation without a laptop for once. Moreover, you reduce the risk in case of serious capacity problems.

Long-term benefits

In the long run, vacation care offers even more benefits. Your database administrator will be able to sleep with peace of mind knowing that there is always a database expert from OptimaData aware of all the details of the environment who can step in if necessary. This also gives your database administrator an instant sparring partner that he can rely on and fall back on.

Together they can go through documentation, so there is always someone who ensures that your data machine, the beating heart of your company, continues to function and your data remains available. And when really exciting situations arise, such as a ransomware attack, your database administrator doesn’t have to solve it alone. OptimaData’s database experts are always ready to help.

Also carefree on vacation?

It’s important that even your most crucial employees can unwind in a different environment, enjoy time with their families or discover new places. Treat them to that carefree vacation moment. Feel free to contact us to inquire about the possibilities of facilitating this for your organization.