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ICT workers are in short supply but is that really the problem

How many vacancies for ICT professionals do you have on your website? And how long have they actually been there? The job market for good IT personnel is “very tight,” according to the UWV, but that is actually a euphemism for “hopeless. Meanwhile, employers are beginning to feel serious damage from it. No staff means no further business growth. Could it be, however, that the problem runs deeper than the shortage alone? And that there is waste, as it were, in hiring ICT staff? At OptimaData, we think there’s a nice win-win there, which is why we do recruitment for our clients in a different way: On demand.

Edco Wallet

Co-Founder & eigenaar
Edco Wallet - Co-Founder & eigenaar

Traditional recruitment

When looking for ICT staff (we specialize in DBAs), traditional recruitment agencies often run into a number of problems. First, their model consists of hiring staff on a monthly basis where the revenue model is tied to hours. Second, their knowledge, especially about specialized ICT, is at best high level. Both are of course logically explainable, but do lead to unconscious “waste.

How does ICT waste occur?

It works like this. A company needs support to update its database to a new version, for example. Then they post a vacancy for this to a recruiter. This recruiter, in consultation with the customer, assigns a number of hours and posts the job. The problem is that in many cases the recruiter does not know exactly what the job entails, what problem needs to be fixed, and therefore how long it will take.

More likely to find the best DBA

Moreover, we also use that expertise to find a DBA who has the applied knowledge to upgrade your specific type of database. Because we are also active ourselves as an end customer and in database consultancy, we know in no time whether a candidate is suitable or not.

In addition, we now have a large network of our own staff (DBAs, consultants, engineers) and freelancers of whom we know exactly what they can or cannot do. This allows us to move quickly and you don’t have to wait weeks for personnel. In many cases we have someone walking around your office within a few days.

The power of expertise

Chances are that the company does not need an additional full-time FTE for this, but could do with temporary support until the database is up to date. To assess that, however, you need knowledge and that’s where OptimaData makes a difference. Because we’re not only recruiters ourselves, but also end customers, we have all the knowledge we need to make an expert assessment of exactly what’s needed. So this avoids you wasting valuable staff.

Recruitment on-demand and customized

By focusing more on expertise and looking more closely at flexible forms of work, companies can at least partially avoid the battle for ICT personnel. By hiring personnel on-demand, in many cases you can even save money. And with OptimaData, you’ll always have expertise and manpower available after the event should there be an unexpected incident.

Would you like to know more? Or are you interested in our on-demand recruitment solution? Then get in contact with us. We will be happy to help you find a suitable solution to your problem.