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OptimaData wins FD Gazellen Award again

The FD Gazellen Award is a prize that Het Financieele Dagblad has been awarding since 2004 to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. We at OptimaData are very proud to be able to call ourselves FD Gazelle for the second time in a row in our five years of existence. In this blog Gerard Zuidweg, OptimaData’s Managing Partner, tells us why we are honoured.

Gerard Zuidweg

Managing Partner
Gerard Zuidweg - Managing Partner

Not an overnight decision

The FD Gazellen Award is an award that is backed by a reputable party that does not take any chances: Het Financieele Dagblad. An entire team carries out a thorough background check on all the companies that have applied for the Award. We feel it’s a tremendous honor to be among the 691 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

For us, it’s not so much the fact that we’re receiving an award for the rate at which we’re growing. No, we see it first and foremost as recognition of the fact that we know our profession and do things well. Our growth is the result of our pursuit of satisfied customers who then want to remain customers. Customers whom we can help to realize the best, stable, safe, effective and fast database environments with which they can be successful in their business.

With that goal in mind, we established our business strategy five years ago. With that goal in mind, we have been working for five years with people who really want to and can deliver added value for those customers, skilled experts. This has resulted in the growth that we have achieved according to the FD Gazellen calculators. It’s great that we have achieved this twice in five years.

Celebratory award ceremony

n October the FD Gazellen Awards were announced and on 24 March 2022, the final winners will be honored during a festive ceremony in Theater Amsterdam. The main criterium to qualify for the FD Gazellen Awards is a turnover growth of at least twenty percent over a period of three years (2018-2020).

The FD Gazelles are first classified according to the four regions and then assessed, based on figures and by an independent jury. In each of the twelve categories thus created, a top three is determined: the bronze, silver and gold FD Gazellen Award.

Not falling off the chair

Our team also feels that this nomination is a great honour. Yet no one has really fallen off their chair from amazement. We have a well-oiled team that doesn’t shy away from a considerable challenge and we are increasingly serving large companies. When they find us, it says something about how much confidence they have in the knowledge and expertise of our people. That trust from our customers is the greatest reward of all.


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