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Put your TikTok on pause and dive into the exciting world of Database Mastery!

Are you a master on TikTok? Have you ever wondered how the app knows it’s right to show your followers your cool videos? TikTok doesn’t just consist of tantoo skere sketches, smooth dances and tepid pokoos. Behind the scenes, it’s all about databases, the digital backbone of the tech world. Before you upload your next TikTok video, ask yourself what it would be like to take a look behind the scenes. The world of databases is much more fun than you think. It’s paradise if you like complex puzzles and fat challenges. In this blog, Edco Wallet, co-owner of OptimaData, talks about what makes the world of databases so much fun.

Edco Wallet

Co-Founder & eigenaar
Edco Wallet - Co-Founder & eigenaar

The Youth of Today

In recent years, the work of database experts, which may be a Database Administrator (DBA) or a Database Reliability Engineer, has been increasingly relegated to the background. The Youth of Today – and I’m not referring to the rap group, but to the generation born with a smartphone in hand – doesn’t think databases are sexy enough.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Science: now that’s hot. But did you know that without databases, you can’t do anything – absolutely nothing – with these wonderful technologies? Databases are the indispensable heroes of AI and Machine Learning.

Without databases, there is no way to get answers to all your complicated questions. For example, without databases, the popular ChatGPT is like TikTok without videos: silent and boring and worth nothing. An empty shell.

The challenges of database management and development

We need databases to do something meaningful with data. There are several fun and challenging aspects involved in database management and development. Let me mention a few of them.

1. Data modeling as the creative core of information

It all starts with data modeling, creating the structure for information. A database expert is like the architect of a digital building, the one who designs and builds the structure of information so that everything works smoothly and efficiently. You have to be able to understand what a business needs, to translate all those requirements into a working data model.

That requires technical skills, but also a good understanding of why and how an organization wants to achieve certain things. Think about developing more environmentally friendly solutions, personalizing products, contributing to a better world or increasing the satisfaction of its customers.

2. Tables, data types and smart use of resources

Het bouwen van tabellen en het kiezen van de juiste datatypes is als het spelen van een complexe videogame. Elke keuze die je maakt heeft invloed op hoe snel en krachtig de database werkt. Een database-expert moet niet alleen de spelregels begrijpen, maar ook leren om slim om te gaan met bronnen zoals opslagruimte, CPU-vermogen – de verwerkingskracht van de processor – en geheugen.

Bij databases draait alles om efficiëntie. Hoe sneller je de data kunt doorzoeken, hoe beter. Soms kun je met een paar slimme aanpassingen een database-engine van een groot bedrijf efficiënt en snel laten draaien met minder resources dan jouw game-PC. Zo hou je de kosten én het energieverbruik zo laag mogelijk en daar worden bedrijven heel gelukkig van.

3. Automation

As a modern database expert, you are not alone. You work together in DevOps teams and play an important role in setting up and preparing databases for development. Automation plays a big role in efficient database management. There are smart tools that take repetitive tasks off your hands, keeping your work interesting, saving you time and reducing the chance of errors.

You also need to know all about IT infrastructure and Cloud technology to properly implement databases in modern, complex environments.

4. Problem solving and performance improvement. Solving a puzzle

No database is free of problems. Troubleshooting and fine-tuning performance are daily tasks for a database expert. The ability to identify and solve problems quickly and accurately requires not only technical skills, but also an inquisitive and curious mind. Every day brings a new puzzle, which you must solve.

5. Data-driven decisions

Today, data is the new gold. But to really make something beautiful out of that gold, you need data science, machine-learning and AI: the right tools that turn all those zeros and ones into valuable information. Managing all that data is wonderful, of course, but only a tightly functioning database gives you fast, secure and reliable access to that data. That’s how you help an organization move forward.

6. Social changes

Young people feel a strong calling to change the world. Believe it or not, but modern databases are the basis of smart developments like AI and machine-learning. Without databases, nothing works. Whether it’s making healthcare smarter, addressing climate change or promoting inclusivity, you can make a positive change with database technologies.

Conclusion: the exciting world of Database Mastery!

The role of a database expert goes far beyond technical expertise alone. It is an adventure that requires creativity, problem-solving skills and infinite curiosity. It is a valhalla for true puzzle solvers who do love a challenge and enjoy helping organizations move forward.

Fancy a journey full of discoveries?

If you have a passion for building and managing databases to improve the world, then such a dynamic and challenging career is for you. Not only is it a beautiful profession, it is a journey of discovery through constantly changing technologies. Welcome to the era where database experts are unraveling the digital puzzles of the future.

Does this appeal to you?

Would you like to know more about it? Want to take a look at how we at OptimaData move in this world and how we help organizations? You can be part of this. Feel free to contact us and we’ll grab a nice cup of coffee over good conversation. And remember: what is not, can still come. You don’t have to be able to do everything yet to start somewhere.