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Why consulting plus contracting is a golden mix for temporary IT projects

Do you need a DBA temporarily? Then you go to a staffing agency. You sit down with them, explain what kind of person you need and for what tasks, and then a job posting rolls out from there. That all sounds very logical and familiar, but there are many situations where you can save time and costs with a different approach. With our golden mix of consultancy and secondment, in many cases you can save money, be ready faster, have the assurance of support at the right time and only get the best DBAs.

Gerard Zuidweg

Managing Partner
Gerard Zuidweg - Managing Partner


Secondment agencies have a clear revenue model. They get paid for every hour the specialist works for you. In many cases this works fine, but not always. For example, a job that can be done in two weeks is less attractive to such a party. Rather, they obviously look for someone for three, four or even 12 months.

In addition, many secondment agencies tend to get stuck on high level knowledge of ICT in general and databases in particular. As a result, a real analysis of the demand is lacking and a conclusive customized solution is not available.

The consultant

Another solution is to hire a specialist consultant. This is an excellent fit for short-term projects but again does not solve the challenges associated with day-to-day management. Is there anything between consulting and contracting OptimaData offers a solution.

A golden mix?

As with contracting and placement agencies, you can also come to OptimaData for temporary staff. But because we are primarily a consultant, it’s a little different. First of all, we have all the knowledge to assess how long you need someone, what kind of substantive knowledge that person should have, we know how to find exactly the right person with our substantive knowledge, and we also offer an expertise center for further support.


For example, a contract with us can consist of a number of fixed hours per week for secondment, with the option to request additional support through consultancy. The consultant knows exactly how the project and environment works and can quickly intervene remotely in case of a disruption .

Moreover, it is possible to compensate hours. Was there an emergency where we deployed two hours of support? Then we can compensate with the fixed hours. It is even possible to pair an onsite (medior) employee with a remote (senior) consultant.

Unbeatable flexibility

So OptimaData offers far-reaching flexibility that you won’t find anywhere else. With us, you don’t just hire someone, you hire a complete organization that has all the knowledge to successfully complete your temporary project. From our consultancy background, we are also used to completing projects as quickly and efficiently as possible, which ensures a satisfied customer. And that is our goal!

Would you like to know more? Or are you interested in our offer? Then get in touch with us. Or you can call our technical number (035-3690304) and immediately get a technical consultant on the line to whom you can ask all your technical questions.