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ZZP hiring

Carefree ZZP hiring is possible through OptimaData. Our ZZP network, our core team, provides all data (base) expertise and adjacent roles around the database platform and has been seen and known by us in advance.We have been moving in the data (base) world for years and have therefore built up a deep and wide network.

Also for adjacent expertise like Business Intelligence, Data-Analysis, (Cloud)Infrastructure, DevOps or Software Development we can use our recruitment power to support you with the right expertise in your project: fast, good and transparent.

ZZP-inhuur via OptimaData


We have a network of over 3,000 self-employed professionals. Spoken and seen. Professionals we trust, have spoken to and seen and enjoy working with. A number of these ZZP’ers are in our core team and participate in our Partner Program with which they profile themselves as ambassadors of OptimaData and can promote our services, products and trainings.

OptimaData levert personeel met en hoog kennisniveau dat een meerwaarde is voor onze organisatie.

Bastiaan de Boer

Recruiter Inhuurdesk Nationale Politie
Nationale Politie


All freelancers employed through OptimaData use our knowledge and expertise center free of charge. Documents, best practices, live coaching and a 24/7 helpline.

This allows the ZZP’er to lean on the full support of OptimaData and with one ZZP’er you basically hire all the knowledge of OptimaData.


Transparant en concreet

Despite delayed enforcement of the law DBA you can expect OptimaData to act according to the law. Also in anticipation of new legislative proposals from the government.

We use our OptimaData ZZP-risk scan to assess the self-employed entity of the ZZP-er and decide to what extent the ZZP-er can actually perform your assignment as a self-employed person. Do we give the green light? Then we also stand behind our decision and guarantee you 100% risk-free hiring and ensure compliance. We use an approved model agreement and take care of the administrative processing.

If a professional in your situation and on your behalf cannot be employed as a self-employed person under the DBA Act, we will propose suitable alternative forms of contract in order to deploy this professional.

We will keep you informed of relevant developments concerning the DBA Act and the correct interpretation and application thereof.

Do you already have ZZP’ers working for you or are you planning to hire ZZP’ers, but would like to know more first? Please contact us, without obligation, so that we can advise you with our knowledge of the DBA Act.

Are you sure that you want to hire a (self-employed) professional, but you want this professional to work from a salaried construction anyway? Then contact us without obligation about our competitive freelance payroll service.

“OptimaData is een verademing in de wereld van recruiting. Heldere en snelle communicatie met bovendien inhoudelijk verstand van zaken.”

Peter Kunz

Programma Manager Cloudmigratie

Why OptimaData ZZP-hiring?

  • De weg naar Database Champions LeagueFast and good
  • Large network
  • Interviewed freelancers
  • Personal contact
  • 3000+ Professionals
  • Transparent rates

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Do you want carefree ZZP-hiring?

Our core values

Pieter Groenendijk

Recruitment Consultant
Pieter Groenendijk - Recruitment Consultant
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