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OptimaData partner EDB

Marktleader PostgreSQL management and consultancy Netherlands

EDB Postgres A1OptimaData is as independent (open source) database expert market leader in the Netherlands in PostgreSQL Consultancy and Postgres database management services. The EDB partnership underlines OptimaData’s knowledge in the field of Postgres in the Netherlands. Appreciation for the input, presence and promotion of, in and around the community of PostgreSQL and organizing PostgreSQL Usergroup NL meetups around Postgres in the Netherlands. Together with EDB we are able to implement not only the open source community version but also the EDB Postgres Advanced Server and the EDB Postgres Platform. Besides being a support and consultancy partner, OptimaData is also a reseller of EDB Postgres. From our role as reseller, we are SPOC and arrange everything around subscription management of Postgres in the Netherlands.

Over EnterpriseDB – EDB

EnterpriseDB, now formally called EDB since its rebranding announced during the 2020 Postgres Vision, offers software and services centered around the open-source database PostgreSQL. Where an open-source product such as PostgreSQL is developed by the global community, this community offers no guarantees, support or backing. For large organizations, this can be an obstacle to embracing the open-source product Postgres. EDB responds to this through subscriptions having developed a supported model around PostgreSQL with a complete support program, including local partners. EDB is the world’s largest service provider of PostgreSQL with 4000 customers worldwide. EDB also contributes significantly to the community by having a number of employees dedicated in the community as core contributors or contributors.

In 2019, EDB was purchased by investment fund Great Hill Partners. ‘The acquisition comes at a time when the Postgres market is exploding,’ said Ed Boyajian, ceo of EDB. ‘With Great Hill, we get a partner who can help us accelerate growth by offering new services and technology innovation to the Postgres community.’

According to Boyajian, EDB is well positioned to capitalize on Postgres’ growing popularity because the company has developed several tools that large companies need if they want to entrust critical applications to PostgreSQL. For example, it has built “Foreign Data Wrappers” to integrate data from Hadoop and NoSQL and has long offered a database migration tool for Oracle. It recently added software to manage migration between cloud platforms.

Recently, 2ndQuadrant was acquired by EDB. 2ndQudrant was a major sponsor of the PostgreSQL project; more than 20% of the code was written by 2ndQuadrant engineers. They are globally recognized experts in PostgreSQL solutions, services and training. That enabled them to consistently contribute enterprise-class features that improve performance, scalability, security and stability in PostgreSQL. With the acquisition of 2ndQudrant, EDB further strengthened its position as a global player.

“De kennis en know-how van OptimaData en de positie die zij over de jaren heen hebben verworven, draagt daar zeker aan bij. Wat voor een klant waarde heeft, is dat OptimaData hierin onafhankelijk en als een soort buffer fungeert.”

Aret Aprahamian

Partner Account Executive - EDB

EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB uses the PostgreSQL community version but has added performance, security and manageability enhancements to create an enterprise-grade product called EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Sort of a souped-up version of the native community version. It is a paid version that has a number of enterprise applications in the areas of:

Developer productivity
DBA productivity
Oracle compatibility
EDB Postgres Advanced Server can be deployed in on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multi-platform environments.
EDB Postgres Platform.

EDB provides a complete set of management tools and integration and migration tooling. As a base, you can choose either the native PostgreSQL community version or EDB Postgres Advanced Server. On top and around that, a very extensive and complete set of tools is available:

Postgres Enterprise Manager

Postgres Enterprise Manager makes it easier to monitor and manage multiple PostgreSQL clusters from one convenient GUI. Efficient in optimizing database performance and performing routine tasks such as bulk changes and backups.

Failover Manager

By itself, PostgreSQL does not identify database errors or automatically switch traffic to a standby database. Failover Manager gives you peace of mind by automatically detecting primary database errors and problems and switching to the most up-to-date standby database when necessary.

Backup and recovery tool

Backup and recovery tool gives you a single solution for configuring and scheduling backups, applying data retention policies, centrally managing backups in a catalog, and restoring a database to a specific point in time

Replication Server

EDB Postgres Replication Server (EPRS) provides a robust data platform that replicates between PostgreSQL databases In single-master or multi-master mode, or from non-PostgreSQL databases to PostgreSQL in single-master mode.

Migration toolkit.

Directly and instantaneously migrate to a PostgreSQL database (online migration), or generate scripts to use at a later time to (re)create object definitions in a PostgreSQL database (offline migration).

Migration portal

Browser-based schema migration tool. Converts Oracle database schemas to PostgreSQL without installing anything. Migration Portal evaluates and analyzes Oracle database schemas and converts types, tables, sequences, constraints, triggers, views, stored procedures, packages, dblinks and indexes, producing DDLs compatible with EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Benefits for the customer of the OptimaData – EDB combination

EDB has an excellent set of tools that are more interrelated than the various open source variants. When using Postgres support, all of EDB’s tools can be used at no extra cost. This also applies to all extra features that can be used but are often very expensive with other parties. Finally, the customer is assured of support 24×7 if required.

De waarde van samenwerking: EDB en OptimaData

In the end, the client has the best of 3 worlds:

  • The best open source DBMS product: PostgreSQL
  • EDB as the driving force behind the Postgres community and recognized professional services partner with a wonderful set of tooling
  • OptimaData as market leader Postgres in the Netherlands, multi-platform expert and also recognized by both EDB and the community as a Postgres professional services partner

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Managing Partner
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