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Recruiter in the world of data. The value of personal attention

As a staffing consultant at OptimaData, Pieter Groenendijk plays an important role in finding the right people for our own team. He also knows exactly how to match the right freelancers with the right assignments. In this blog Pieter explains why he values a personal touch. He also explains how freelancers are given room to grow and to spar with colleagues.

Pieter Groenendijk

Recruitment Consultant
Pieter Groenendijk - Recruitment Consultant

Recruiter for data professionals

Basically, I’m a recruiter, but dedicated to OptimaData. In that role, my main job is to ensure that our own team continues to grow by attracting the right people. I also connect independent data professionals to clients who need extra capacity for a certain period of time.

Human side

There are more recruiters in the world of data, but I do believe that my approach is unique: always focused on the individual. I really believe in that extra bit of attention, that personal touch. Professionals in the database world are often focused on their work above average, but each individual has a story and I’m curious about that.

Ultimately, you get further when you understand how someone is put together. It may take a little more time to bring out this story in our candidates, but they deserve that time. Above all, let’s not forget the human side of each other.


Moreover, we at OptimaData are not a secondment agency; we are a database expertise house with a strong technical background. That technical knowledge really sets us apart from generic IT secondment agencies. For example, a few times a year we organize a ZZP café.

During these meetings, colleagues keep each other informed about the latest developments in the technical and especially data field. Thanks to our substantive knowledge and expertise, freelancers can also fall back on our team for specific issues. As a self-employed person, you are part of a sort of ‘family’. We notice that this is greatly appreciated.


Of course, we talk extensively with our own employees about their development and what certificates or training they want to take. We have a lot of knowledge in that area and we can also use that knowledge to advise zzp’ers. This creates a kind of cross-pollination.

If a self-employed person asks, “Pieter, would it be useful for me to do this training or get this certificate?”, I know what it’s about. Or they ask, ‘You know my resume, I would like a combination of Azure Cloud and a SQL Server environment, for example. So which training would be best for me?’ So we can really think along in their development path.


Sometimes a person is just starting out as a self-employed person and he – or she – still needs to arrange things. In that too, we are a good sparring partner. We have a great checklist of everything you need to think about. We can think along financially and practically so you can make a smooth start. Every journey with a self-employed person is unique and each individual has their own challenges.

We always deliver customized solutions. Uniformity and pre-baked standard processes? We don’t do that!


Want to learn more about how our personalized approach can help you as a professional in the world of databases? Feel free to contact us.