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Are you going to migrate the whole world?

Edco Wallet 30-8-2021 15:36
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We regularly get staffing firms on the phone looking for a full-time DBA for - say - a year. That's quite a lot. Are you going to migrate the whole world, I then ask. When I then hear what the request for help is, I think: surely that can be done much more efficiently. Where does it go wrong?

Two moments

At two moments in that process, something goes wrong. It starts with the final customer. The organization has a problem with their database, and the solution to the problem is already filled out in advance: we need additional capacity. Someone runs to HR and HR runs to a staffing agency. That's where the second mistake comes in. The staffing agency has a revenue model where they earn on the hours they put away. Only when they can assign someone somewhere for, say, a thousand hours, does it become interesting to them. If we say: we can solve that problem in 80 hours, spread over two months, then that's not interesting enough. I can get quite annoyed by that. I don't begrudge organizations a solution that is more efficient than traditionally hiring 'a man'.

Divide attention well

For example, a government department was recently experiencing acute problems in the support of its databases. They were looking for no less than two full-time DBAs with PostgreSQL experience for nine months. Of course we can help an organization with such a request, but we take a nuanced view of placing someone full-time with a customer. For us, it is a sport to divide our attention well and in that way help as many customers as possible. If you tell us properly what is needed, I am sure that we can organize our team in such a way that we can still provide sufficient help with limited time. With our own team of 15 people, supplemented by our flexible team, we sometimes serve up to fifty customers. To our and the customer's great satisfaction, by the way.

Thinking from a technical perspective

I would like to see the market think differently. Think from a technical perspective and don't translate that directly into 'men' or 'women'. Let go of the model of hiring based on hours and be open to other solutions. If you do business with us directly, you will not only benefit from our exclusive knowledge, it will also save you a huge amount of money. For that money, we might be able to work for six months. No, not full time, but be honest, if you have a problem with your boiler, will you hire a plumber for three months?


Developing new ways of working efficiently together with our customers, how inspiring is that? Curious about what that could look like? Want to know what we can do for your organization? We would be happy to set up an online sparring session so that we can give this a go. Contact us without obligation or call us on 035 369 0307.

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